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What? Something in a movie is historically distorted?


The historian in this article lays out the implication that movie goers won’t know that the real history of the event is different than what is in the movie.  From the bits that I’ve seen of the movie, you’d have to be a real idiot to not know that the movie had blended history and myth.  That seemed to be the goal of the movie, and the historian’s essay cited above seems to not quite grasp that.

But the true irony is that nearly every person that sees the movie the “300” will know that the producers have played fast and loose with the facts but most of these same people think ‘there is something to’ Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.  In my years as an apologist I’ve fielded dozens upon dozens of questions about claims made in movies.  Stigmata was another one… people seem to be ready to believe anything that smacks of a conspiracy.

What amazes me is how one movie after another can come out spinning various conspiracies about Christianity and few historians wade out and straight forwardly say, “Well, that’s a historical distortion, actually…” and furthermore that people adopt what they see in the movies as their positions!

I guess you need to be wildly mythic like the “300” is to arouse the skepticism of our citizens, today.  How long will that last?  Perhaps in a generation movie goers will come back and watch the “300” and say, “You know, I think there is something to it…”


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