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White Christian Males Gun Down French Journalists that Mocked Jesus: 12 DEAD

The above would have been the headline throughout the universe if, in fact, white Christian males slaughtered French journalists that had mocked Jesus.

Instead, we are faced once again with the utterly bizarre hesitancy of the Obama White House to forthrightly describe what has just happened at Charlie Hebdo ‘terrorism.’   Then the statement is released, and there is no mention of the perpetrators or their purpose and aims.

Many Obama-watchers may be able to produce some plausible explanations for behavior that seems utterly inexplicable in a sane universe.  It may be, for example, that Obama views the Islamic world as downtrodden beneath western civilization with justified anger; he understands their rage, but wishes they would express it constructively.  Or whatever.

I was actually thinking about this issue this morning even before I heard about this event.  I was actually thinking about how it is that many liberals, secular humanists, and pretty much every ‘new atheist’, regards ‘religion’ as dangerous.  The typical move is to raise examples of Islamic madness as evidence that Christianity is dangerous.  One of the finest examples of this is in Dawkins’ Delusion.  In the 90s, when I first became sensitive to this trend, you couldn’t get an atheist to concede that there is something about Islam that makes it distinctly different than Christianity.  To their credit, I have seen more willing to draw that distinction.  To their shame, it took them far longer than it should have, and worse, you can still find them justifying their positions that all religions are dangerous but making their case by citing examples from Islam.

There is one exception to that, and that exception is probably very revealing.  I speak of that great, horrible trend within Christendom of slaughtering abortionists.  I am being sarcastic.  While abortionists have occasionally been murdered over the last four decades, it pales in comparison to what Muslims will do in the next four hours.  And that is not an exaggeration.

If this Wikipedia article is accurate, there have been 8 ‘anti-abortion’ related murders since Roe vs. Wade; that was in 1973.  41 years of vehement protest, and there were less murders than were killed in 5 minutes in Paris.

If you follow the news even slightly, and by ‘follow’ I mean go beyond the mainstream media, there are daily incidents of beheadings, kidnappings, homicide bombings, honor killings, etc, etc.  Daily.  One problem we have in recognizing when they happen is that if they do percolate enough to catch our attention, the perpetrators’ distinctly Islamic intentions are not reported, or distinctly under-stated.

Now, I have some things to say about this.

First of all, I have frequently heard atheists retort that Christians have no room to talk–after all, look at the Crusades.  Or, in response to my leading off this with reference to ‘White Christian Males’ it might be said, with some pity, that I really don’t understand the ‘white privilege’ I enjoy, and that others are justified in their ‘rage.’  But this is not actually the point.

It should theoretically be entirely possible to talk about ‘white privilege’ as a real thing AND possible to deal manly with the threat that Islam poses to the world.  The utterly bizarre thing I wish to call attention to is the astonishing lack of any sense of proportion exhibited when we see, continually, various insults, lies, slanders, etc, about how BAD Christians (and yes, white male Christians in particular) as if they were the ones cutting off heads.

I am calling attention to the lack of proportion.  I am NOT trying to defend Christianity, white people, or men.  THAT IS NOT MY POINT.  We could swap out ‘white Christian male’ with any other group and it wouldn’t change my argument:  a large number of people are unable to deal realistically with a real threat, and talk madly about other things being a threat… that probably aren’t, or are very mild if they are.

This leads directly to the second thing I wanted to say, which offers in part an explanation for this strange phenomena.  I think a large part of it is just simple, straight forward cowardice.  If you speak harshly or mocking about ‘he-who-must-not-be-named’, you know–even if you won’t acknowledge it–that you are a prime candidate for being gunned down like those that just were, or stabbed to death on the street.  On the other hand, you can say whatever in hell you want about Christians, and pretty much nothing will happen to you.  What, you might get boycotted?  Oooooh, the horror.  So, I think what happens is that liberals (especially of the progressive, atheist sort), say to and about Christians what they would like to say to and about Muslims.

But simple cowardice cannot be the only explanation.  Another large measure must flow from a serious, serious, mental malfunction.  Like in our case above with the White House hesitating to call the Paris attack, ‘terrorism,’ and then not calling attention to the nature of the terrorists, but dispatching Eric Holdren to Ferguson, MO to root out racism, this bizarre, distorted outlook of the world cannot be tracked back only to being ‘chicken.’  There must be a rationale to it, and it must somehow be the product of people sick in the head.  But what makes them sick?   That is the mystery.

When I woke up this morning and I was thinking about this, I was going to expound a little bit on just why liberals perceive that Christianity is dangerous.  I think part of it is that when ‘liberals’ perceive of ‘individual freedom’ what they really mean is “having sex–as much as possible with as many people as possible, with no guilt, shame, or consequence.”  Despite the fact that Christianity stands against many things (eg, greed, pride, theft, coveting) that theoretically should allow liberals to find allies among Christians, Christianity maintains that people were made in the image of God and that God has ordained a particular format and structure for sexual activity.  Moreover, what many liberals regards as a ‘consequence’ of sexual activity, the creation of a ‘fetus,’ many Christians regard the same as a person.

Worse than that even, there are liberals who concede that a ‘fetus’ is as much of a ‘person’ as any other, and still would advocate for the right to kill this person–“the world’s greatest abortion.”

Another illustration of the great mental disconnect then occurs, where the liberal thinks that Christians are against sex, or women, when the Christian is really thinking about the 50 frickin million unborn persons being slaughtered in the name of ‘individual freedom.’  Some liberals who have grasped this then say, “But if you really believe that, you’d murder more abortionists.”  Which, I think, just illustrates again that there is some mad mental breakdown here, that cannot see past their desire to have unchecked sexual activity to see what is motivating the Christian.  Hint:  there was that ‘image of God’ thing, plus the whole “Jesus saved the WHOLE world” aspect.

These are themes I’ve talked about before on this blog, and I was going to talk about again, before I saw the news.  The news re-focused me, though, on another concern.  I must emphasize again that it is not at all that I feel marginalized or attacked because I am a white Christian male, or that I feel that I need to defend being white, or defend being a male, or defend being Christian, or defend Christianity.  I am speaking only as a citizen:  your liberal, progressive, atheistic, etc outlook on the world is going to get us killed.

I mean, I’m talking about straight-up survival, here.  You liberals are really going to get us killed.

Liberals almost got us killed at the hands of the communists (still time for this one, I guess), which was the last self-evidently evil system hell-bent on global domination where, because of some strange ideological defect, liberals could not actually perceive what was self-evident to nearly the entire rest of the world.  Now we have another self-evidently evil system hell-bent on global domination.  Their stated goal is Sharia law throughout the globe and they have no compunction against murdering anyone who stands in their way.  They will even murder fellow Muslims.  Children.  Women.  Journalists.  Cartoonists.  They would even murder me for penning this blog post.

Despite the cowardly unwillingness to regard Islam as it really is, and state it plainly, I think it is the case that most people, even liberals, recognize just how deadly dangerous it is.  So deadly dangerous, it is far safer to chase others (like Christians or police officers), then it is to deal directly with the real threat.  You would think that after 9-11, we would not have to argue the case that we’ve got to ‘man up’ and do what is necessary.   Instead, at best  what we can expect are more laws passed to outlaw murder or possession of guns, as if either kinds of laws would have been obeyed by these, or any, terrorists.

And what is necessary?  (I mean, besides rooting ideological sickness from one’s own brain…)

Well, a large number of Muslims have effectively and practically, and even in many cases, explicitly, declared war on non-Muslims.  And by ‘war’ they mean, “you’re gonna die.”

It’s time that we thought hard about how we are going to fight back, and do so without hesitation.  Or moral equivocation.

And to start, I earnestly ask that you abandon whatever ideological commitments that are preventing you from acting on what you KNOW is true, because if you don’t, it is a distinct possibility that you will get us BOTH killed.


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