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Yes! Someone who gets it! The Office of the Presidency has too much Power!

I’ve been saying it for years! This article in USA Today pretty well nailed it:  The office of the presidency is waaaaaaay too powerful… and this is in defiance of the Constitution.

I’ll let the article speak for itself.  I will repeat some of the things I’ve been saying…

A system where the fate of the country rises and falls based on the actions of a single person… is a stupid, stupid system.  Ever since I’ve been paying attention, presidents have been getting credit, or the blame, for job creation, stock market fluctuations, housing booms, etc.  What genius thought it a good idea to put so much influence in the hands of a single person?  What an absurdity.  It is, of course, flatly unconstitutional; but the reason why it was unconstitutional was that the framers understood it was a stupid idea.  Anyone with enough power to ‘help’ so many people would likewise have enough power to ‘hurt’ them.

I could spend 3,000 words expanding on the stupidity of this.  I can’t understand why anyone thinks its a good idea.  It is mind-boggling.

Its also good for a laugh.  I just love listening to, *ahem*, certain people complaining about the potential for abuse with a man like Trump as president.  Well, golly.  Maybe if you’re afraid that a single man, like Trump, can do so much damage, maybe the solution is not to make sure that you elect ‘your guy,’ but rather to ensure that no single man has access to the power to do so much damage!

“No!  All ‘my people’ are as pure as the wind driven snow!  None of them have any rank ambition.  They all want the best for me!  For all of us!  I think its a brilliant idea to put the fate of 300 million people in the hands of one guy.   If something goes wrong, no problem!  Because it is super easy to persuade 60,000,000 to see how to fix it.  Please!  Whether or not I live or die, whether or not I have a job or not, whether or not I have a home or not, whether or not I have health care or not, etc, it should all depend on who the president is and what he does!  In fact, lets give him EVEN MORE POWER.  It is inconceivable that someone who I don’t like could ever lay hold of that power!  Don’t blame me!  I mean well!  I have great intentions!  You…. YOU are an immoral, racist, bigoted slug who hates people!  If YOU had any empathy and cared for people, you’d support the king, too!  He takes care of us… he wipes our butts… we can’t do it ourselves unless experts guide our hands! Philip Dru, we love you! What would we do without the Tyrant? …. oh, did I say that out loud?”

A rose by any other name…

Clearly, this is a problem that spans generations.  As the article points out, we can’t lay the current stupidity only at the feet of those alive and kicking, today.   The Constitution had a very clear notion about the role of the presidency, but also the role of government itself.  Beginning most dramatically with Woodrow Wilson, the whole notion of the purpose of government itself changed.  It had much popular support, with legislatures fairly eager to go along, in the main.  But that purpose is very different than the one laid out in the Constitution.  VERY different.

In fact, it really should be said that probably 80% of the population–including Republicans–don’t care one lick about what the Constitution really says.  Why should they?  One of its core principles has been ignored for over a hundred years.  As was inevitable, the government became a way for the elite to engorge themselves from their access to power, and it didn’t really matter who was in charge.  The only thing that changed was which particular subgroup got the trimming from the Lord’s table; however, it was often the case that all of the elites benefited no matter who was in charge.  (Hence, “Drain the swamp!”)

It was inevitable.  It wasn’t even hard to predict.  All you had to do was have two brain cells to rub together and one working eye.  And yet, here we are, with the fate of the world hinging on the actions of one dude in a house, far, far away.  And nobody thinks maybe the problem isn’t the dude, but letting him have that power!  lol

Its almost silly that anyone should get upset by Trump doing this, or that.  If you don’t want him doing this, or that, the proper solution was to make sure he didn’t have the power to do that in the first place.  And to ensure that, the legislatures should have their power re-oriented to what the Constitution says, as well.  They, also, have veered far from what the Constitution allows.  And, of course, the Supreme Court is a laughing stock; has been, ever since Marbury vs. Madison.

So, the country has not been grounded on the Constitution for more than a hundred years.  Not really.   It follows–inevitably–that the abuses the Constitution was organized to prevent will, since it is no longer in force, eventually manifest.

And let me tell you a secret.  When we finally see the end of this process, we will all laugh when we remember back to the day when we thought Trump was the ‘authoritarian.’  He will pale in comparison to the Tyrant who finally comes.

And yet, you can be quite sure that when the Tyrant arrives, some 60,000,000 people will be able to say, “That is my guy… duly elected.”

Since I may be dead by then, I’ll just say it now:

I told you so.

If you want to prevent this, there is only one position open to you: calling for a radical curtailing of the power of the government.

Since realistically this is not ever going to happen, I suggest you adopt that position, and then begin doing whatever you can to distance yourself from the levers of power.  Let others put their fate into the hands of the Tyrant, depending on him for your food, health care, and job.  You ought not join them.






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