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500 Christians Burned – FAKE IMAGE or STORY or BOTH

Yesterday I posted a story that came to me through a reliable source and my post included this caveat:

Caveat:  one theoretical benefit of having the mass media cover something is that they can validate and document particular claims and such.  Precisely because this incident hasn’t aroused the interest of anyone, it is difficult for me to be absolutely certain of the details.  I trust  my source, and include his comments below, and the link to a site in another language that seems to be talking about it.  God willing, more information will come to light on it.  If clarifications become necessary, I will make them.

Since then, the original source and I have done some more research and it seems highly unlikely that this picture is of a recent church burning.  Allegedly, the image is of people burned in a gas explosion.  I found this page that linked to this page;  you will observe that the latter page no longer works.   I am sure some more sleuthing would allow me to get that missing information, but the fact that the former page is from a full year before the report I posted, and has the same image, strongly suggests that the two do not go together.

Was there a church burned down with 500 people in it recently?  I am willing to say probably not, but I can’t be sure.  Christians have been burned alive in Nigeria and elsewhere and it hasn’t made much of a ripple.  (Example)

Since the blogosphere does not have the resources of paid, professional journalists, things like this will happen.  Checks/balances/corrections take time to work out.   I am only glad that I am able to report it as soon afterwards and only regret that some who heard it through me might not get the update.

Perhaps more updates to come, but I am done researching this myself, unless and until someone provides further corroboration of the event.


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