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A Defense of Antony Flew’s “There is a God” from his Own Letters

 A Defense of the Integrity of Antony Flew’s “There is a God” From His Own Letters

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The back story in brief:  Several years ago, word came out that Antony Flew had rejected his atheism.  What he accepted was in doubt and in dispute.  We were told that his new introduction to God and Philosophy would set the record straight but it did anything but.  In a conversation with Dr. Gary Habermas, I asked him about it, and was informed that basically, Flew was very disappointed with that introduction and had wanted to say something else, or say what he did say, differently.  Concerned that Flew might die before he had a chance to set the record straight, I asked for and received Flew’s mailing address.  I contacted him, urging him to settle things.

To my surprise, Flew responded.   To my added surprise, Flew indicated that a book was already in the works.  He then proceeded to layout the general outline and content of the book.  I wrote back, and Flew responded once again, providing additional detail.  Note:  this is all before it was known to the world that there would be a book at all.

Upon release of the book, charges were made that the book did not reflect Flew’s real positions, that he had been manipulated, etc., etc.  These charges are being made today.  One of the most prominent of the critics was a piece by Richard Carrier.   I responded to that piece showing that the charges were baseless.  Carrier triumphantly held up his letters from Flew to make his case… I held up my letters likewise, and showed how Carrier’s arguments were without merit.

I alerted Carrier to my counter-argument but to my knowledge, no response was ever made (except to brush it off- proving, though, that Carrier received it.)

At this point, however, that is hardly the point.  Judging from the traffic I’ve received over the years and noticing where my article has been posted- in the main, without being contested- I think that the evidence I’ve presented pretty much decimates the allegations about Flew’s positions, mental state, and putative manipulation, and yet the charges continue to be made.

In order to make the record straight, I am now releasing images of the actual letters that I received from Flew in Ebook form on Kindle and on BarnesandNoble’s Nook.  I include the letters, my original rebuttal, and some other things I’ve written about Flew’s books and positions.

It is $9.95.

A bit high, perhaps, but having had my work maliciously plagiarized not too long ago by a prominent atheist, I felt the need to protect myself a bit and at least increase the cost of doing business for any other would-be copyright violators.

These letters have historical value on the particular point of what Flew’s real views were up to the publication of his book and I hope that some real scholars pick them up and help set the record straight- again- before pop culture further cements wrong-headed and demonstrably false perceptions.

A Defense of the Integrity of Antony Flew’s “There is a God” From His Own Letters

On Kindle  |  On the Nook


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