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A response to Dawkins’s Delusion

I have begun responding to Dawkins’s “The God Delusion.”  I have the preface responded to and I am going to be working on a chapter by chapter response.  Here, though, is my introduction to my introduction…


There have been several versions of this document. The reviews of the review have been fiercely critical of anything fiercely critical of Mr. Dawkins, which means that Mr. Dawkins will- again- get away with saying whatever suits his fancy without any Christian telling him in no uncertain terms exactly what he deserves to hear, what he should hear, and what his arguments amount to. Suffice it to say that I don’t like Mr. Dawkins, and that is ok, because he doesn’t like me. The truth is, Mr. Dawkins does not like much of the world, which should give us all pause when we listen to him opine.

I’ll submit just this one example, as reported in http://dir.salon.com/story/news/feature/2005/04/30/dawkins/index_np.html (Salon, not a creationist site) “Yet Dawkins doesn’t shy from controversy, nor does he suffer fools gladly. He recently met a minister who was on the opposite side of a British political debate. When the minister put out his hand, Dawkins kept his hands at his side and said, “You, sir, are an ignorant bigot.””

Of course, he has said and done much worse than that, but this one comes out of a site that no one can charge is biased in my favor. The reader should know that I am exerting extreme self-control in what follows, and even suppressing my own principles in order not to offend readers, and perhaps maybe Mr. Dawkins himself, who, in my opinion, very much should be offended.

These brief comments should serve to make it plain exactly where I stand in regards to this particular man, and his arguments. Thus, he will get respect in this review, though in my view he deserves little, and his arguments even less.


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