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Antony Flew Under Attack by Atheists

This has been the case for awhile, now, but atheists all over are not giving Flew his due.  This site has a great list of taunts.

  • He’s losing/lost his mind.
  • He’s in it for the money.
  • He’s afraid of death.
  • Etc.

If this is not ad hominem, I don’t know what is.  If the challenge is that Flew hasn’t well defended himself, I could almost see it… thus the book… which hasn’t come out yet…. which, therefore, they can’t evaluate…. which means that at this point, they’re just being presumptive.  We have yet to see if his book provides good argumentation, but to act as though he is off his rocker before you’ve even allowed him to speak for himself, that’s just not right.  Desperate interviews by Richard Carrier don’t count as allowing Flew to speak for himself.  So let’s just wait, shall we?


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