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Apologetics Videos File Sharing Service

I am hereby issuing an open invitation to Christian apologists to upload their video content to my new site:  http://www.apologeticsvideos.net

One of my chief goals in starting this site was to meet some of my own video sharing needs- namely, Youtube’s 10 minute video limit was killing me.  🙂

Henceforth, I will post all of my videos to Apologeticsvideos.net and if they are lucky enough to be under 10 minutes long, I will also upload them to Youtube.com.

Some questions you may be having:

Q.  Can Christians other than Christian apologists post videos?

A.  Sure.

Q.  Can atheists and nonChristians post videos?

A.  Um.  At this point I am going to tentatively say yes, but I reserve the right to change my mind.

Q.  Can content be uploaded that has nothing to do with religion, philosophy, Christianity, etc, like for example using Mentos to blow up innocent pop bottles?

A.  No.  At least make some effort, even if scant and in passing, to make sure the content ‘fits’ the site.

Q.  Is this free?

A.  For now.  If it starts costing me money I may change my tune, but even then I’d rather find sponsors.  I wouldn’t worry about it.


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