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Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy- April/May Session

The schedule for the upcoming apologetics academy session has been more or less finalized. Here it is:

The Problem of Pain and Suffering — April 21st
Christ Promised in the Old Testament — April 23rd
Historicity of the Resurrection — April 25th
Elements of Basic Christianity — April 28th
Reliability of the New Testament Documents — April 28th
Formation of the New Testament Canon — April 28th
Basic New Testament Greek — April 28th
Studies in Atheism — April 30th
Study in Alleged Bible Contradictions — May 5th
History of the Creeds and Christian Conflict — May 5th
The Historical Jesus: A Survey — May 5th
Cults and World Religions — May 5th

For more information about the academy, please go here. You will need to sign up first, and then on the course page you will be able to register- and pay- for the course.

Some atheists have asked me about the academy. Look, I’ll be frank. It’s designed with Christians in mind. Honestly, some of you skeptics couldn’t go wrong being exposed to Christianity as taught and I think if you could stomach the fact that you were financially supporting this ministry you would be well served to have a guided tour of such influential Christian scholars such as FF Bruce, Bruce Metzger, Peter Kreeft, William Lane Craig, and Gary Habermas. It ain’t going to be “Sntjohnny Hour.” So, do what you will, but remember, the ACADEMY is NOT A DEBATE FORUM! Ask questions, sure. Our facilitators have better uses of their time then to get into extended arguments.

Other notes: The Problem of Pain and Suffering is canceled for lack of students. The other courses are currently set to go forward on schedule. Some adjustments may be necessary.

Academy Portal: http://www.athanatosministries.org/academy/

Course Page: http://www.athanatosministries.org/courses/

Sign Up Page: http://www.athanatosministries.org/courses/login/signup.php

And for goodness sake, please don’t sign up with a yahoo or AOL address. They’re killing me.

Look forward to having you, or those that I already have, seeing you!


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