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Auto Execs Drive not fly, Global Warming Advocates keep flying

I wasn’t really going to say anything about the whole ‘the auto execs flew on their private jets while begging for money’ thing, as absurd as the coverage was, but when I saw today that the automobile CEOs are driving to DC in their hybrids instead of flying this time I just burned inside with the lunacy of it and had to tell someone what I think.  Since there is no one around, you, my faithful readers, must endure.

This is just stupid.  I am getting tired of these media generated firestorms.  As a case in point, the same media that hammered the auto executives for flying in on their private jets barely make a peep as Al Gore flies around the world in his private jet.  And if the Global Warming fanatics are right, then this is a far more serious issue, as it means that Al Gore is destroying the very world he aims to save.

I saw recently too that there was is a Global Warming conference coming up expecting some 8,000 to 11,000 participants, ie, flying in from around the world.  Holy cats!  Think of those carbon emissions!  Granted I learned about this from the media- as I learned about Al Gore’s destruction of the earth from the media- but there isn’t the same sort of pressure and relentless criticism that would have driven these people to put their money where their mouth is.

If Global Warming Conspirators really believed their message, would they not choose instead to have a virtual conference?  The technology exists.

The topic of people following through with their actions as tangible sign that they really believe what they say they believe is discussed on my Christian/atheist discussion forum.   While this angle is of interest, the thing that really burned me up is the media coverage.  It is literally coming to the point where I don’t believe anything I see on TV or hear on the radio or read in the newspaper.  The people deciding what to report- and not report- do not share my views about what is really newsworthy and as this example shows, what kinds of things are worth getting bent out of shape about.

While all the news is a buzz about what the auto execs are taking to Washington DC, there has been nary a peep (I heard a small reference on Fox News but no more) about the up coming Supreme Court conference as to visit the issue of Obama’s ‘natural born status.’  While cases were getting thrown out left and right one can almost see the mainstream media declining to report on it but in my book, if the Supreme Court actually decides to look at something of this importance, that is newsworthy.  At the very least, it is newsworthy.

It reminds me of the whole Gary Condit controversy.  Day in and day out we were treated to the roiling rumor mill about Condit’s affair:  all this came to an end when the real story finally came out:  9/11.  Now, I’m not trying to compare the auto exec story with an Obama who may not be natural born, per se.  My point is that what transportation the auto exec choose to drive to DC pales in comparsion to a multitude of much more important stories in general- and on these, we hear nothing.  Possibly, even likely, to our peril.


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