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Breaking: Obama Votes ‘Present’ on Stimulus Bill

*Flash* Today Barack Obama voted ‘Present’ on the Stimulus Bill *Flash*

Washington D.C., Today Barack Obama voted present for the stimulus bill in what he joked was a “knee jerk reaction born of habit” and proof that he was, contrary to reports, “…not a, uh, uh, um,  divine being or, uh, eh, uh, uh promised Messiah, but eh, uh, a human being like the rest of you mere uh, mortals…”  Reportedly,  Rahm Emmanuel was quick to remind the president that he was no longer a senator and didn’t have to worry about voting at all.

Obama was heard to quip, “I didn’t have time to read the bill, either, so I guess its good I don’t have to take a position on it.”  Sources close to the White House report that Obama was reminded that he would have to decide whether or not to sign the bill, and that it would be his name on it if he did, and that Obama then launched a spirited speech on how he was going to bring change to Washington until it seemed no one was paying any more attention… *Flash* Breaking *Flash*


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    • Jerry on February 13, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Ha ha, very clever.

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