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Fake News: Coronavirus is “Ten Times More Deadly Than the Flu”

Things are moving fast right now.   Last night, Trump shut down travel from the EU and enacted a number of other measures designed to soften the blow to one’s finances if one were quarantined or one’s business was impacted.  These latter measures signal to me that they are laying the groundwork for a broader use of stricter, more intrusive measures, such as involuntary quarantines, or perhaps even mass lock-downs such as what we saw in the whole country of Italy last week.

No one should be surprised by these things.  Certainly not, if you have been reading my blog.

Two … continue reading...

Stop the Coronavirus? But at what cost?

There appear to be three camps when it comes to the coronavirus.  Camp 1 is alert and attentive to what is transpiring, but skeptical about statements and forecasts regarding it; Camp 2 is alert and verging on panic, ready to believe all statements and quick to equate predictions as historical facts; Camp 3 is alert and attentive to any opportunity to pin the whole thing on Trump, and seizes each and everyone of those opportunities.

As to Camp 3, recent history has exposed them as mentally and morally compromised, and we have nothing to say to them.   There will be … continue reading...

The Coronavirus–Inconvenience a Single Person? Or lock down an entire country? You decide.

I wanted to leave this alone for awhile, but after I wrote yesterday’s post, dwelling as it did on the quarantining of 16,000,000 in Italy, it was announced that the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Italy was going into quarantine.   Can you imagine?

For anyone making fun of people stocking up on toilet paper and other items, just look at Italy.  They’ve gone from being able to move about freely, acquire necessities and such at will–no hoarding necessary!–and literally overnight, they are now confined to their homes except for emergencies and going to work.

With people still going to work, one doubts … continue reading...

A Person is Smart; People are Stupid–and the Coronavirus Proves it

Watching this coronavirus thing unfold reminded me of this clip in Men In Black where the question is whether or not to tell people something since “they are smart.”  The retort is that a person is smart.  People on the other hand are stupid, panicky, etc.  If you ever doubted this, I set before you the coronavirus.

From everything we know so far, the coronavirus is not that big of a deal.   Or, I should say, COVID-19, because in fact there are many other varieties of the coronavirus; so, strictly speaking, its a coronavirus, not the coronavirus.  But that nuance … continue reading...

On Religious Exemptions From Vaccinations, Building Codes, Etc

In yesterday’s post I hit hard at a certain British politician who has been agitating for compulsory vaccination, giving special attention to his distinction between the “State” and individuals.  He made many other points, I think all of them anticipated and refuted in yet another post of mine, here.  One topic he brings up is one I haven’t spoken on before, which I’d like to address specifically.  My point will be that the carving out of exemptions for ‘religious’ reasons misses the point, and the ‘point’ is not limited to the issue of vaccinations.

Here was his bit in… continue reading...

Against Compulsory Vaccination

I have spoken on this topic before, most recently re: the coronavirus (here) and more extensively here.  From that latter post, I’d just like to remind the reader of the words of Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes:

“The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the 1927 decision, Buck vs. Bell

Holmes was quite correct.  Now, compulsory sterilization was finally considered to be grotesque, repealed state by state until they were all … continue reading...

Can our Liberties Survive the Coronavirus? Compulsory vaccination, etc.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a ‘think piece’ describing how things like the coronavirus illustrate why I am a ‘nationalist.’  You could sum it up basically as this:  a proper role of the government is to serve its own people first and primarily.

The fatal flaw of globalists is that they are perfectly happy to see their own citizens suffer as long as the globalist can thump his chest about how ‘compassionate’ he is.  The more reasonable route does not strike me as controversial… you know, how about protecting the interests of your own citizens and then provide … continue reading...

The Fellow Traveler Test For Insanity: Facilitated Human Extinction

So here is another fun one, coming hot off the presses: ‘The only solution for climate change is letting the human race become extinct’.

I have been covering this nonsense on this blog for years, so I trust that my readers at least won’t be surprised by such fare.  I know that I’m not.   Rather than talk about the wellsprings of such noxious viewpoints, which I have done in the past, I’m going to take it from a different angle.

One of the things I’ve argued before [see #1] is that one can often discern whether or not something … continue reading...

The Corona Virus and why I am a “Nationalist.”

It is not politically correct to be a ‘nationalist’ these days, but that’s largely because of the self-serving myths that globalists like to engage in and a general lack of historical knowledge and rational thinking.  The word ‘nationalist’ brings to mind the Nazis, where we are regularly reminded that they were “National Socialists”, emphasizing the first word in the phrase, but never the second.  Like I said, self-serving myths.

However, while the word ‘socialist’ hasn’t changed all that much since the 1930’s, the word ‘nationalist’ has.  In other words, its a logical fallacy called ‘equivocation,’ where the same word has … continue reading...

The Trump Acquittal And the Democrats

With Trump’s acquittal finally in the bag, I want to issue some quick thoughts which I believe are more important than their brevity suggests.

A republican or constitutional/libertarian like myself might say that what we’ve witnessed is the Constitution ‘working.’   The Senate blocked a spurious attack by the House.  An independent might also say that what we’ve witnessed shows the Constitution ‘working.’  The House was moved to hold the president accountable for actions it deemed worthy of removing the president from office.  But, alas, in neither view, you won’t see democrats concurring.

To the democrats, this was not the Constitution … continue reading...

Reflections on the 2020 March for Life (Trump, Steinem, Hitler, etc)

Last Friday I participated in the March for Life in Washington DC.  This post captures a variety of thoughts and reactions I’ve had since.

The Silent Majority

In some places, the only way that the people can express their views is when they do it in large numbers.  This is typical in third world countries, of course, but the realities that drive that dynamic have revealed themselves more recently in Hong Kong, too.  Very simply, there is a certain safety in numbers.  Governments may very well want to slaughter the opposition, but with the world watching, they have to tread … continue reading...

Dr. Martin King Jr Meets Modern Democrats

martin luther king

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What ugliness is this that the people who appropriate King’s mantle simultaneously make it their actual policy to judge people by the color of their skin, or the genitals between their legs.   Thankfully, more and more people are seeing that the party of the KKK hasn’t really changed… its all about gaining and obtaining power.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.… continue reading...

Infantile Nation: Russian Hacking

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. 1 Cor 13:11

The other day there was another glut of headlines about Russia ‘interfering’ in our elections, evoking such predictable remarks by the usual suspects about Trump colluding with Russia, etc., etc.  Those were the headlines–but had anyone gone beyond them to the underlying claims, what had actually taken place was that hackers–alleged to be Russian–had attempted to infiltrate Burisma, the Ukrainian company which the Bidens have become intertwined … continue reading...

Quick, Everyone into the Cities or the Planet will Die!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a screed titled “Christians be alert for the “Nudge”; Kian Goh and fighting ‘climate change’ by urbanizing the planet.

I hope no one doubted me, but just in case, here is an article in the ‘reputable’ British rag, The Guardian, that came across my desk.  It is a couple of years old, but illustrates the sort of thinking I was trying to expose.

The presence of such articles in such ‘respectable’ outlets is indicative of a broader, widespread acceptance of these ideas.  I directed my comments to Christians, because of … continue reading...