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Enter the Sandmann: more ‘on our own’ musings

More Americans are realizing that it tends to be the case that whatever the “Left” accuses the “Right” of doing, it is the “Left” actually doing it.  Examples are everywhere, from the #MeToo movement to the more recent ‘quid pro quo’ business with Biden and Burisma, and political violence–especially left-wing advocacy and normalization of it (you can do anything to fascists, understand)–which we saw manifest in the Nicholas Sandmann incident, as illustrated by the tweet by Aslan, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not the only one who remembers the heaping piles of scorn and outrage … continue reading...

Musings on Iran: We are on our own.

I remember walking the halls of Walter Reed hospital back in 2012, accompanying a friend who was there to visit with a friend who had given his leg and arm in service to the country.   This young man, at the time, had no regrets.  “We fight them there so that we don’t have to fight them here.”  The place was relatively quiet at the time, but even so, the sense that here was a place which served as a monument to those who did not say such platitudes, but lived them.

I remember that story sometimes when other events unfold.  … continue reading...

In which I contradict myself, culturally appropriating the left: safety net vs safety hammock vs safety wet blanket

One of the distinguishing marks of an American ‘conservative’ is his allegiance to reality.   I have been pondering some very real things of late, which are driving me to issue some proposals that on their face, do not appear very ‘conservative.’  My original attempt to spell it all out ran 14 pages, including calculations, justifications, rationales, etc.  In a bid to get the idea out, I’m stripping some of that away.  However, there is more thought behind this than what is presented here.

What are the ‘realities’ that prompted these proposals?

  1. There is a definite tilt towards socialism in the
continue reading...

Christians be alert for the “Nudge”; Kian Goh and fighting ‘climate change’ by urbanizing the planet

In my extensive studies of eugenics, it has been interesting to observe how so many of the old, supposedly repudiated aspects of eugenics, arose again in the 1960s with a new rationale–fighting ‘over-population’–and then emerged yet again in the present day, but now wrapped in the guise of ‘climate change.’  Why, one would almost think that the goals were the same all along!

I have made this point many times over the years, but another point that I’ve made is that things we don’t generally perceive as ‘eugenics’ were, as understood by the eugenicists themselves, part and parcel with ‘eugenics.’  … continue reading...

Poor, Poor, JK Rowling and her Rousing TERFS

Well, well, Rowling is catching hell for defending “the right of a woman to express her opinion about sex and gender without losing her job.”

The right of a woman?  What about a man?  Is there a “right of a man” to express an opinion about sex and gender without losing their jobs?  Or is it only women?  Or, perhaps only ‘women’?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The idea that “there are two sexes and that sex is immutable” is evidently, not “worthy of respect in a democratic society.”  (per the Judge, page 24).

Of course, what Rowling continue reading...

On Excrement and ‘Civility’

There is an interesting data set out there which shows that the ‘liberals’ have lurched hard to the left since the 1990’s, whereas ‘conservatives’ have remained about the same.  This information comes from Pew Research and is material they’ve been tracking for a long time.  Here is an article about it, and below is the associated graph which visually tells the story.


Certainly, the median among ‘conservatives’ has moved to the right–but only so slightly.  The ‘liberals’, on the other hand, are moving rapidly to the left so fast and far that they may fall off the chart altogether … continue reading...

Iran and Regime Change

I have made several posts about China, due to the escalation of human rights abuses there.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what is going on in Iran right now and issue some calls to action related to that country.  Unfortunately for them, affairs in Hong Kong and to a lesser degrees, China’s concentration camps, have deprived them of the scant attention that America’s leftwing MSM is willing to give to matters of actual, grave importance.  Add to that the ‘impeachment’ orgy, and its a miracle that any news about anything other than progressive self-pleasuring gets out.… continue reading...

The Inhumanity of Being Animals

The intended audience of this post is Christians, and anyone else interested in aligning their viewpoints to reality.   I know it is long, but if you’re going to comment, I insist you read it all before you do.

From the transcript of the Scopes Monkey Trial, pg 208:

[Clarence Darrow quizzing one of the students in Scopes’ classroom]

Q — Now, Howard, what do you mean by classify?
A— Well, it means classify these animals we mentioned, that men were just the same as them, in other words—
Q— He didn’t say a cat was the same as a … continue reading...

So This Is What It Feels Like: Millions in Camps in China; the World Does Nothing

I study genocides.

When I say I ‘study’ them, I don’t mean I wait for the NYT or WAPO to take an interest in something before I imbibe the content of their headline as the exclusive content of my views.  I read books–lots of them.  I watch documentaries, when I think I can get something from them a book can’t get me.  I have even helped facilitate the release of previously unavailable or hard to find primary source material such as the Bahutu Manifesto [Rwandan genocide], The Memoirs of Naim Bey [Armenian genocide], and Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy continue reading...

Wayfair Harms People, as I Said it Would

Shortly after the Wayfair decision was made by SCOTUS last year I weighed in on what the likely fallout would be.  Since then, I’ve watched various organizations attempt to deal with it, which is to say, my prices for certain things have gone up.   I said at the time,

Ironically, the people who most despise the rich and big businesses and advocate for more regulations fail to understand that the rich and big businesses are far more able to work through regulations.  Your rich fat cat can afford to pay top dollar for smart accountants and lawyers… your average small … continue reading...

The Moral Idiot

I have found some apt descriptions and good insights in Richard Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences.  My edition has a foreword by Roger Kimball.  ISBN: 978-0-226-09006-1.  Some quotes below, which I may add to, as I have time.

Kimball, in the foreword:

The point is that the choices life presents us with, especially in wartime, are often not between good and bad but between bad and worse.  That is a central conservative insight… (pg xv)

Weaver, in his introduction:

In considering the world to which these matters are addressed, I have been chiefly impressed by the difficulty of getting certain … continue reading...

Concentration Camps in China?

It has always astonished me how so many people want to argue about trivialities and silly controversies when there are topics of grave concern which–theoretically, at least–would represent something we could all agree on.   Why go out on a limb when you can just reach for the low hanging fruit?  Ostensibly, at least, the erection and maintenance of legit concentration camps should be such low hanging fruit.

Apparently that is not the case.  I only know about the ‘concentration’ camps in China because I endeavor to be actually informed about matters of importance, which means going out of my way … continue reading...

The “Baghdad Bob” Fallacy

This post is one in a series I had hoped to have done years ago, a reality I reflect on in a previous installment on what I call the Scaffolding Fallacy.  The basic idea is that there exist breakdowns in rational thinking that are not strictly logical.  They might be tactical (ie, designed simply to win an argument, insult, or berate), exercises in self-deception, or reflective of an overall mindset or attitude.  In other words, they are not ‘formal’ logical fallacies, and so it is perhaps not a surprise that they don’t appear in the logic books (as far as … continue reading...

Gun Control Advocates and the Racists; Pardon the Redundancy

We’re going through another one of those ‘national outrages’ wherein a bunch of sanctimonious, ignorant snobs attempt to portray their position– “common sense gun control measures” as the self-evident and obvious position.  So self-evident and obvious that you must be, you guessed it, a racist (or bigot, etc, fill in your favorite slur as you wish), if you disagree.

Another interesting twist to the pair of shootings was that one of them fit the narrative so well that gun control advocates couldn’t even walk down the street without devolving into fits of ecstasy.   This would be the Christ-Church wannabe, … continue reading...