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Christians blaming Christians for the Modern Situation

I just saw two posts on Worldnetdaily.com blaming the Christian church itself for the interesting predicament it finds itself in today in America.  I submit them for your reading pleasure and have just a few comments of my own below.

Article one- The Church’s desertion in a time of war.

Article two- Christians, We are to blame.

I certainly agree with much of their analysis, having said similar things for awhile now.  For example, I think it is clear that our attempt to reverse Roe vs. Wade relied far too much on the political process.  That does not mean, as one of the authors above pointed out, that we shouldn’t be involved in politics at all.  Pundits and analysts (and Republican party members themselves) fail to comprehend why Christians gravitated to the Republicans in the first place.  We put them into office- they failed to deliver.  Today it is practically impossible to distinguish between the parties in many respects and I am not alone in being disgusted, not impressed, by the tough sounding words out of the Republicans who are still in office.

In the run up to the election I had a argument (in the finest sense of the term) with a friend who was voting third party.  I differed with him on the issue of abortion in the sense that a supreme court justice is certainly going to need to be replaced and a court that will overturn Roe vs. Wade is the largest single stroke measure that could change the direction on abortion on demand in this country.  However, I had already given up all hope that the Republicans really represented my values any more.  With the Obama election and eventual appointment of some justices, my interest in voting Republican at all falls almost completely away.  I say this as a warning to the Republicans, because I am not alone.  Nor am I alone in being unimpressed by your recent expressed concerns about deficits, bailouts, etc.

We live in a world that has witnessed the Holocaust, the gulags, and the Killing Fields.  It is no longer possible- if it ever was- to wholly distance ourselves from politics.  The stakes are too high.  However, it is probably coming to the point (if it isn’t there already) that we finally and fully part company with a party that has parted with us at some indefinite point in the recent past.

On the other hand, the idea that politics could replace other things that we should have been doing all along was dangerous and the current climate makes people more willing to hear that then they used to.

What are the things we should have been doing all along?  My short answer is Love. My long answer is that most of the things that Christians contend with each other about pointless in the grand scheme of things.  A future day is coming when we will look back at this time and wish we would have invested our time on more pertinent issues.  These things will be more obvious when we are fighting compulsory education (no longer able even to home school), treated as dangerous deviants (religion is a delusion, you know), punished as child abusers (for teaching our children about hell), and bred out in the next wave of eugenicists who with fanfare announce the discovery of the ‘religion gene.’

It will seem to us then (and I give the more optimistic picture) that some of our arguments and proposed solutions to what is ‘our fault’ are completely beside all the points that really mattered.


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    • Anthony on April 7, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    For a different point of view: http://christianadc.org/news-and-articles/289-the-end-of-christian-america

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