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Dear Republicans: You are Fired

I just love hearing all the tough talk from Republicans right now going after Obama’s stimulus bill and acting all ‘conservative.’  Where was this tough talk 4 months ago?  You’re fighting a 1 trillion measure that isn’t going to do jack for the economy under Obama but you laid down for 1 trillion in handouts that didn’t do jack for the economy when it was Bush.

Honestly, I don’t believe your tough words.  You don’t really believe them yourself.  You read the political winds and calculate what you think will get the most people to like you, and theoretically, the most who will vote for you.  In a word, you are worthless.

And you’ve been worthless for eight years.  ‘Conservatives’ held the House, the Senate, and the White House for 6 years.  In that time, you accomplished almost nothing of merit.   When the Democrats kicked up a fuss (which they did on literally everything) you always gave in.  You let them threaten to filibuster every important action and never made them actually follow through with their threats.  The stinking, sickening, disgusting irony of it is that the Democrats are going to do precisely what you never did but should have.

If it weren’t for the nominations of two Supreme Court justices who will rule by the letter of the law (we hope… we might wonder if there have been some exceptions now) I would consider my votes for the Republicans the last 8 years an utter, and total, waste.  As in, if I had voted for a pile of excrement that would have been more worthwhile, as excrement can at least be used as fertilizer.   While I shudder to think what life would be like since 2000 if Al Gore or John Kerry were the president, the salient point is that in the end, under Republican control, there was hardly any noticeable difference.   Maybe I amend my statement somewhat- I am glad that Bush was at the helm on 9-11 and my only regrets concerning Afghanistan and Iraq is that we didn’t really fight to win there, either.  But I digress.

The point is that I don’t frankly care what you say or do at this point, Republicans.   I don’t believe you.  I am not even sure if it would matter.  Where were these beliefs in the previous 8 years?  You should do us all a favor and just resign.  We ask the CEO’s to step down after they ran their companies to the ground.  You’ve done the equivalent.  Worse, when things were not your fault at all, such as the ‘housing bubble,’ you allowed it to be painted as your fault.  After hearing after hearing about oil company execs and auto execs why did you not insist on a Fannie/Freddie hearing?  You allow the hypocrites full sway… and we begin to see why… in your own way, you are the same.

So, dear Republicans, you’re fired.  You are worthless.  The best course for conservatism to be revised at this point is to let the American people see precisely what happens when liberalism gives birth to all of its logically inevitable offspring.  We are a people that doesn’t deal well with abstractions.  We need to see the world crumbled around our feet before revisiting our core beliefs (9-11 is a fine example of this).

The only reason I’ve had to support you these last few years is because it was in you that the only hope for the end of legalized abortion on demand resided.   Well, after 6 years of full ‘conservative’ control we still have it.  And there is nothing you can… or will… do about it.  In other words, it can hardly get worse if we just let the Democrats have their way with the American people for even 4 years.  It would be better if you just quit, or barring that, shut your mouths and return to your 2000-2006 posture of pathetic cowering, so that in a decade there will no longer be any doubt what kind of policies unchecked liberalism will promote- and what their effect will be.

I have this faith in the American people, that when they see it with their own eyes, they will do the right thing.  I wish they’d learn from history.  It would be easier on everyone, but this is a peculiarly human thing, and very American, to have to taste it personally before one will come to terms with reality.

Republicans, I hope to have your resignations on my desk by this time tomorrow.  Thanks.


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