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DOH, one last reply on Watson and the Professor

He posted another reply and I’m not going to respond to it in full.  I saw this nonsense, though:

if he weren’t so motivated to spread the slanderous insinuation that non-Christians have no ethics.

This shows, I think, that the Doc isn’t really reading my entries because I am not arguing that non-Christians have no ethics.  Indeed, the sillyness of such an accusation is exposed by remembering that I advocate that there is an objective morality.  That would mean that everyone does have ethics.  The question is… can atheism explain why people do have ethics, and why the ethics are generally similar, and why we should consider them as anything more than the private judgments of the individual, like, say, the fact that I like broccoli and he doesn’t?

And then separately, how do they reconcile the observation that there are shared ethics when they also put forward the view that we are the result of evolutionary processes that focus on reproduction and survival of the fittest- at least insofar as those ethical views are usually disgusted with the implications of living as though we really should just be advancing our genes?

In my long experience, I continually see atheists thinking the accusation is that they don’t have any ethics.  It just gets to be stupid after a time.  That is not the accusation.  The accusation is that they DO have ethics and morality… but why?  WHY?

Thanks Doc for the good run.  :)  I’ll be sure to drop by and check out your latests.


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