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Full Circle: Barack Obama’s Jimmy Carter Iranian Hostage Moment

The recent turn of events in the Middle East has me thinking that we may be seeing the Obama term complete it’s mimicry of Carter’s presidency.  The Iranian hostage crisis fleshed out the numerous ways in which Carter was deficient.  It was all part of a package, you see;  the floundering economy, the diminished standing of the United States, the inability to protect American interests at home… and abroad… all flowed inexorably from the Carter worldview. The present malaise in America, the neutered role of the US in the world, and the inability to take a forceful stand in defense of vital pillars of our country, all flow directly from Obama’s worldview.

Standing up to thugs requires that one has the value:  “Thugs should be stood up against.”  To have that value, you have to be able to tell who a thug is.  On Obama’s view, the thugs that overran the Egyptian and Libyan embassy and murdered four of our public servants were justifiably angry in the face of American jingoism.  Naturally, Obama doesn’t believe that ‘justifiable anger’ is equivalent to ‘justifiable bloodshed,’ but his Carter-like shock and surprise that a bunch of folks would perpetrate such violence, even in the face of all of our (his) heartfelt apologies and overtures and support is precisely the kind of worldview deficiency I am referring to.

The possibility that our (his) heartfelt apologies overtures and support may have actually led to the violence will never cross his mind.  The possibility that the embassy official in Egypt that put out the apology to the muslims storming their walls for the Christians who ‘hurt their feelings’ may have emboldened the attackers of the Libyan embassy is unfathomable.  Such possibilities arise within a mind that understands that the world is imbued with realities that cannot and will not be changed by sincere wishing or eloquent oratory.

I think that history is going to show that on balance, the ‘Arab Spring’ was a bad thing.  It was the path of least resistance for Barack Obama.  All he had to do was sit back and let human nature take its course.  It will be seen as a bad thing, as a major blunder of the Obama administration to support, because history will come to understand that the bad people who were toppled were toppled by people who were worse.  These were not freedom fighters;  they were tyrants in the wings, waiting for their opportunity.

Such distinctions are lost on folks like Obama who are not anchored in the real world with a real understanding of human nature and human history.

In the Arab world, driving out American influence and subjugating our interests to their whims will be seen as an extension of the ‘Arab Spring.’  The next couple of months may witness the Muslim Brotherhood violently acting on that vision.  In doing so, the flawed worldview of Barack Obama and the hordes of liberal secular humanists who currently have hold of the US Government will be put on display, as people come to understand that these events were not accidental, but actually connected to that worldview.

If people have the same capacity to recognize Obama’s flawed worldview as they did Carter’s, we can expect the result to be the same in November.

Maybe the Muslim Brotherhood needs to ask themselves this vital question:  are their interests better met with an Obama in the White House or a Romney?


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