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God Created Your Brain: Fall 2008 Online Apologetics Academy Enrolling

Many people are intimidated by the pompous declarations of those like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.  Many people think that becoming a Christian means checking your brain at the door.  Some think that it would take endless study to be able to stand up to the challenges against Christianity.  Let us be clear:  it does take some work, but it need not be all at once and you can do a little at a time.  The Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy offers short modules that do not require massive amounts of your time.  At the same time, you’ll gain resources to use for further study and you’ll probe some of the truly foundational aspects of the Christian faith.


The staff at the Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy are ready to release the details of the fall session.  I should note first of all that the academy now resides at its own domain at www.academyofapologetics.com Old links will not work, but your old login information should.

At present, we are offering four courses, beginning on October 27th.   Here are the courses:

Basic New Testament Greek — Begins Oct. 27th  (3 week course)
Reliability of the New Testament Documents — Begins Nov. 3rd.  (2 week course)
Formation of the New Testament Canon — Begins Nov. 17th. (3 week course)
Studies in Atheism — Begins Nov. 17th. (3 week course)

I recommend taking the Reliability and Formation classes in tandem.  Between the two of them you defeat numerous challenges to the Christian faith.  On the one hand, you improve your understanding of why we believe that what we have is what was originally written and on the other hand you understand why the books of the New Testament were really chosen, as opposed to accusations made in the Da Vinci Code and skeptics who insist that early Christianity embraced gnosticism such as we see in the Gospel of Thomas.

The Basic New Testament Greek course will teach you the Greek alphabet, how to distinguish between nouns, verbs, and definite/indefinite articles, and equip you with the ability to figure out what the actual Greek words are behind your English translation.  You will be amazed at how your Bible studies are transformed.

The Studies in Atheism course is one I’m really looking forward to presenting.  We will trace atheism from ancients like Democritus through influential atheists like Hume, Russell, Rand, and Flew.  We will end with an examination of the ‘new atheists’ like Richard Dawkins.  The course is designed to explore atheism not to answer atheism.  Nonetheless, the participant will be pointed in some helpful directions.

We are enrolling in these courses now.  Please visit www.academyofapologetics.com for more information and click here if you want to go right to the enrollment and courses page.  Additional courses may yet be offered.


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