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Government Declares that April Fools Day is now 365 Days a Year

Nice try, Mike.

One learns not to believe anything you hear on April 1st, period.

The jokes on April Fool’s day that you do fall for are funny enough.  After all, the jokes are usually harmless enough.  There is something delightful about a day every year to help highlight our need for skepticism and our general inclination to believe that which is presented, especially if the ones who present things are normally trustworthy.

What happens, though, when this general inclination is exploited on a continuing basis?  What if certain folks aim to take advantage of our collective gullibility but with a twist:  the jokes aren’t harmless anymore and if they have anything to say about it they are never discovered as jokes at all?

Friends, that is the situation we now find ourselves in.  The US Government is operating on the principle that it is April Fools day every day of the year.  24/7, 365 days a year.   Before you get worked up over that insidious reality let’s remember how it is able to work in the first place.  If we simple folk would ‘get the joke’ they’d stop playing them on us.

Let’s think of some jokes played on the American public recently.

Democrats bemoan the massive debt that George Bush is incurring against future generations … and then the first chance they get they put it to shame to the tunes of trillions of dollars.  But they really care about debt.

Obama rejects the charge that he is a socialist… and then proceeds to embrace nearly every socialistic policy he can get his hands on after just two months in office.  But Obama is NOT a socialist.

Obama flaunts his constitutional credentials… and then proceeds to unconstitutionally ‘fire’ the president of an American company… while calling for more authority for even broader seizures.…  But Obama really does care about the constitution.

Democrats (and more than one Republican, too) throw a hissy fit about AIG execs getting some 165 million in bonuses… while tossing 182 billion dollars to AIG without a second thought… while then quietly working to make the government the overseer of all employment compensation… and then allows GM’s president to take a severance package of some 23 million without batting an eye…  But the Government really cares about how our money is spent.

Obama pledges to be transparent, promising that all legislation will be subject to public viewing for at least five days… and failing to do so in nearly every case.

Obama vows that there will be no more earmarks on his watch… while signing a bill that allowed some 8,000 through.

The biggest joke of all is that we can believe anything anyone in Washington says today or that they really have the interests of the American people in mind.  Most of the above are directed at Obama and the Democrats but no one should think that I don’t think the Republicans are guilty in many respects.

There are some other jokes coming down the pike.  They all rely on us believing what we are told rather than what we actually see happening with our own eyes.  Just think about all the things that have been promised in explicit language in the last campaign- and realize that the opposite is almost certainly going to play out while their putrid mouths repeat their promises.  The sad thing is that- I fear- people will continue to fall for it.

This cannot end well.


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