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I am my child’s advocate; you aren’t.

I am my child’s advocate; you aren’t.

I know my child.  This child is mine.  Mine to protect and mine to cherish.

You are quite convinced that Immunization X will not harm my child.

But then you send my child home.  We live with the consequences.  You don’t.

You say that only this few out of this many will have a reaction.  This few is acceptable to you.  You don’t take them home and live with them.

I may decide this few is too many because I know that if my child is part of the ‘few’ I am the one responsible.

It is my call.   Back off.  Show some respect.

I am my child’s advocate.

If I don’t advocate, who will?

If I won’t represent his and her best interests, who will?

My child is not a statistic.  Behind ‘public health data’ are real people.

You take care of the numbers.  I’ll take care of my people.

I am my child’s advocate.

He cannot speak for himself.  She cannot understand the issues.  Yet the choices we make today will impact them forever.  I know my children.  I know the issues.  You are not my child’s advocate.  I am.

You are quite certain my child should be socialized according to your dictates.

For thousands of years civilization got along just great without your professional opinion.

If I choose to make use of your services, it is as my instrument exerting my authority as my child’s advocate.  My family is not the arbitrary tool of the state to achieve the state’s ends.  My family uses the state- or doesn’t- as its tool.  I dispense with it as I determine.

Turn your own family into a machination of the state.  Leave mine alone.

I am my child’s advocate.

I am the parent.  The child is not just a child but my child.

I am also the father.  I am the spiritual head of this household.

Not the pastor.  Not the Sunday School teacher.  Not the youth director.  Not the DCE.  It is my duty to raise my child in the Lord, not yours.

I avail myself of the congregation’s services in instructing my children as an extension of my authority.  I delegate to the congregation.  The congregation does not delegate to me, for these duties are properly mine.

Raising our children in the Lord is the task set before my wife and I.  Raising our children is not a task set before you.  Help us;  don’t usurp us.

I am my child’s advocate.

You are quite sure that it is damaging to children to indoctrinate them so.

You would have us believe that we could steep them in the secular humanistic worldview for 18 years and only then be able to make an ‘informed decision’ about religion.


I am my child’s advocate.  Not you.  I know my history.  Do you?  If you did, you would butt out.

One man’s indoctrination is another man’s education.  I am my child’s advocate, so it is my task to decide for our family which is which.

I am my child’s advocate and whatever you think about the education I give him I think the same of the education you would give.

Where does it end?  Who decides?  You wish that I would keep my religious beliefs out of the ‘state.’  I wasn’t the one who vested in the state such power.  That was your idea.

You may come this far but no further:  my family is mine to protect, and I deem it necessary to protect them from you.  Frankly, I don’t think ya’ll have that great of a track record.

Attempt to insert your worldview into the ‘education’ of my family and yea, I’m going to insert my ‘religious beliefs’ into the discussion about what that ‘education’ should consist of.  Deal with it.

I am my child’s advocate.

I know there are children without advocates.  I know there are advocates who do not defend their children’s interests with the same informed conviction.  The solution is not to marginalize the advocates who do advocate, but raise up the ones who don’t.

I know you are the professional.  But my family is not a social petri dish.  It is not the place for you to test out your social re-engineering schemes.  I know too that you care for many families, and even mine.

But you don’t go home with them.  You don’t take them home with you.  If you screw up, odds are you never know it.

If I screw up, I live with the consequences.

The buck stops here.

I am my child’s advocate.

This job is filled.  We are not taking applications.  I too am a professional- I am an expert on my children.  There are only two professionals who are experts in this particular specialty:  my wife and I.   We aren’t hiring a third or three hundred.  There are only two professionals:  and you aren’t either of them.

Do your work- much if not most if not all of it commendable- but remember your place.

And remember mine:  my child’s advocate.


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