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I appear to have a stalker

I guess it was only a matter of time. It is Herr Professor, or shall I say, Hyperbole Boy. Me thinks the gent is having trouble finding content for his blog. 🙂

He read my most recent post and thought he ‘read it right’ that I was insinuating an atheistic plot at NBC. He takes a post that includes in the title… “a warm up” and figures he knows enough about what I really mean from such a brief intro that he can opine on it.

Or should we call him Jump to Conclusion Man?

Or just Content Parasitico?

Oh well, it is flattering to be so closely watched by the likes of Herr Professor.

In his defense, I believe he has a different notion about a blog’s role, willing to use it as a platform towards ongoing discussions, but that is not how I use my blog.  In many of his attacks on my posts he takes issue with what he thinks is my unwillingness to have further discussion.  That just ain’t true.   I have a discussion board for more in depth discussion.  I view my blog as just a place to post some thoughts and reactions, musings, etc.  For full blown defense- or attack- a blog just isn’t a good place.

So, Dear Doc:  You can try to prod me after everything I post, but if you want to have a real conversation- with me, anyway- my debate forum is the place.


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