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In Defense of the Arts: Article in ChristianVideoMag

I was recently invited to submit articles for consideration in a mag called Christian Video Magazine.  I was delighted to take them up on the offer.  My first article was published today in their August edition.

You can read my article online here.

You can forward it along in pdf, here.

You can read my article where it is found in the whole magazine,  in pdf, here. (start at page 15)

Interestingly, our online apologetics conference presenter Robert Velarde also appears in this edition.  Check his article out.  It’s worth it.


“He has set eternity in the hearts of men…” So begins chapter three, verse eleven, of the book of Ecclesiastes. I bet everyone sometimes falls into the habit of thinking that the only real things are those things we grasp with our five senses, but I would also wager that we have all experienced the angst and restlessness that shows that our rat race lives cannot provide us all the satisfactions we need. Christianity would offer another interpretation for that unsettled feeling: it is homesickness.

Humans uniformly experience moments of dissatisfaction, even when they have their every material need met. Christians know that this is because we have been made in the image of God and he has made us in such a way that, unlike the beasts, we can never have rest apart from being in His full presence. Unfortunately, though we were made for that relationship, it has become fractured and broken. Nonetheless, we feel in our very bones the desire for that relationship restored. Christianity offers the good news that God has put in place a plan that will achieve just that.

Why does an apologetics ministry such as Athanatos Christian Ministries, which I am the executive director of, think in these terms?

To answer, I think back to one of my years teaching a religion class for seniors. The topic was ‘love,’ and we began by taking a survey on what these young Christian men and women believed on the subject. After they returned their answers, I did two things. First, I showed them how nearly all of them could be traced back to a Disney movie, sometimes verbatim. Secondly, I challenged them to show that the Bible supported any of their beliefs on the subject of love and romance. You can guess how that turned out.

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