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Is more government the solution to government made problems?

I expect any honest person investigating the current economic mess will already know that the current crisis is due to government entangling with the mortgage industry.  I expect that any objective onlooker won’t try to pin this on President Bush.  Not solely, anyway.   My feeling as I watch what is going on is basically this:  “I told you so.”

Whatever power the government has to help you is proportionately available to hurt you.  The hope that with the right people at the helm hurt can be avoided is naive at best:  implemented at the national level, it is dangerous.  As we survey various government programs over the last century we see that virtually none of them are working as promised and many of them are hobbling along.  This includes Social Security, the ‘War on Poverty,’ the Department of Education, FEMA (think Katrina), and… the dabbling in the mortgage industry.

If I was to blame Bush for anything, it would be that he followed the precedent set by earlier presidents (even Reagan didn’t dismantle the Dept. of Education) and tried (is trying) to solve the current government caused problem with government sponsored solutions.  If I was to blame McCain for anything, it would be that he also proposed ‘big government’ answers.  I can’t be too hard on him since I think we all knew what we were getting with him as far as that goes, and besides, the precedent was set long ago, before most of us were born.

My question to the reader is simply this:  how long are we going to continue putting our hope in the government to take care of our problems, large and small?  What exactly will it take before even the liberals see the problem?   Whatever that is, I fear that we are closer to it than we ever have been.

Now, I do not know how we could solve the current problem without government intervention but I think I would have liked to hear some proposals.  I suspect that we are just shoring up a system placed on sand and the ultimate fix is to run it to ground and this time build on solid rock.  Painful, to be sure.  Another century of bandaids doesn’t seem like a good idea, either.

Incidentally, this all reminds me eerily of the preconditions that led up to the setting of my fictional book series, Birth Pangs.  For anyone who thought it was too wild and outrageous to actually come about I ask them to reconsider…

(I may as well give the link to my book site since I mentioned it:  www.birthpangs.com)


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