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June 2012 Fundraising Campaign for ACM

I’m setting June as a month of fundraising efforts for ACM.   I hope that all my readers will take some time to head on over to the campaign letter and check out how they can get a free, signed copy of my new book, “For No Reason At All:  A Romance.”  Here’s the link to that letter.

Depending on how much you donate, you can get more books that ACM publishes as well.  These include my own Birth Pangs books, classic apologetic texts such as Greenleaf’s Testimony of the Evangelists and Whately’s Historic Doubts on Napoleon, and our newly released book by Albert Schweitzer, The Quest of the Historical Jesus, as part of our apologetics book club  series.  All of our books are available in e-book format on Kindle and the Nook, as well.

I am aware that many of the readers of this blog are not Christians and are iffy about supporting the ministries of ACM.  You could look at it another way:  hey, that’s a book I’ve always wanted to read anyway!  Check out our whole catalog of books, print and digital.


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