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Knights of Contention: Challenges Apologetics Can’t Answer

Tonight, Feb 22nd, at 9:30 p.m. CST we will host our next semi-regular “Knights of Contention” online discussion using voice, video, and chat.

The Opening Topic:  The 5 Challenges Apologetics Can’t Answer.

Due to the wide scope, this conversation can go anywhere.  I have summarized the 5 challenges below with links to each of the 3 parts in which I have detailed them.

To learn more about the “Knights of Contention” click here.

Direct link to the discussion:  http://connectpro58388802.na5.acrobat.com/knightcon/

5 Challenges, with summaries

What they all have in common:  the belief, or acting as though one believes, that Christianity isn’t actually real.  It’s just one’s private faith.  No correspondence to reality exists, or is expected.  ‘Apologetics’ can’t answer them because they have more to do with attitude or obedience than facts and evidence.

Part 1:

1.  Ridicule.

Much of what passes as atheistic ‘arguments’ are actually no more than insults.  However, it is often effective, because people don’t like it when other people think they are dumb… like ‘those’ people.

2.  The ‘Naturalization’ of self-evidently non-natural phenomena.

The atheists assume there is no God and then proceed to never find evidence for God.  This raises difficulties, because there are things about existence that defy naturalistic explanations.  Atheists are on the job, though, submitting ‘plausible’ naturalistic accounts for everything, and counting ‘plausible’ as ‘fact.’

Part 2:

3.  Lovelessness within the Christian Church.

While the Scriptures portray people of faith communicating their faith in a variety of ways with various effects, Jesus says that the world will know we are his disciples by how we Christians love each other.   If we don’t have that, the rest of what we say is discredited, and outright unbelievable.

4.  Radical compartmentalization of the Faith.

It is common to put aspects of our lives into different ‘boxes’ with the belief that they shouldn’t mix.  The ‘religion’ box has nothing to do with the ‘science’ box has nothing to do with the ‘politics’ box, etc.

Part 3:

5. The failure within the Church to live out the Biblical model of marriage and the family.

Further discrediting Christians is their blatant disregard and/or disobedience to precepts in the Scriptures regarding marriage and the family.  However, the worst impact is internally, not externally.  God established the family as the primary means by which the faith is transmitted from one generation to the next.  If this mechanism is broken, there will be consequences.



  1. Hey Tony,

    Did you read this post by Edward Feser?


    He turns the tables on the so-called New Atheists in a very amusing manner.

    • Mike on February 24, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Concerning item#2, you are wrong. There may be things for which there are currently no naturalistic explanations but it is likely because we haven’t found it yet. To look at an unknown and assume that it is unknowable is not valid. To look at an unknown and assume it as proof for your interpretation of a deity is also completely wrong. You’re wrong a lot. Are you uneducated? Things that are completely obvious seem to escape you.

    • End Bringer on February 24, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    And to assume a naturalistic explanation MUST be the answer, just proves the accusation of question begging and circular logic to be right.

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