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Knights of Contention: Do Christians Believe In Spite of the Evidence?

This ministry hosts a regular online round table discussing matters of substance and controversy.  Christians and NonChristians are invited but it is not necessarily an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ debate.  Past topics have included matters of controversy only amongst Christians and due to the flexibility of the discussion, topics can change on a dime.

UPDATE:  With the release of Rob Bell’s book on hell, there may be discussion about that tonight, too.

The next discussion will be Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 9:30 p.m. CST.

The initial topic will be:  “Do Christians believe in spite of the Evidence?”  Or, to restate:  “Is faith believing something you know isn’t true?”  Or, another way, “What is the Christian view on the relationship between faith and evidence?”  This will be a carry over of our last topic, which was:  “Is it really the case that ‘extraordinary claims’ require ‘extraordinary evidence’?”

By ‘Christian view’ it is meant, “What is the biblical view…”

To learn more about the Knights of Contention debates and in some cases view past sessions click here.

The discussion allows for video, audio, and text interactions.  We reserve the right to record (or not record) sessions and subsequently make them (or not make them) publicly available.

The direct link to the discussion is here.

This room may not be actually open until the evening of the debate.

Note:  courtesy is a requirement of participation.   The room itself will provide more details.


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