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Laugh so hard milk came out my nose

It seems that Herr Professor, who I have had a running ‘conversation’ with, does not think I’m very loving.  Here is a quote from his latest:

Let’s sit back and prepare to be overwhelmed by the kindness and irreproachable godliness of Mr. Horvath’s Christian response:

It is Herr Professor, or shall I say, Hyperbole Boy…

Or should we call him Jump to Conclusion Man?

Or just Content Parasitico?

Mmmmm, feel that good Christian love.

Me thinks that if Herr Professor has skin this thin he needs to get out of the ‘public blogosphere’ business.  :)  Me thinks he illustrated my contention.  🙂

If this is what he’s got to stoop to to show a lack of charity on my part, why, I think in order to demonstrate charity you’d have to hold his hand and kiss it ever so gently and never raise your voice… not even a little.  And butter his toast for him.  Without even being asked!  🙂

Yes, Herr Professor, no one else cares about our exchanges, so once again, this is only in the General category.

And one last thing… my discussion forum of all discussion forums is the most open Christian debate forum out there.  It is literally the last place you would need to worry about the ‘moderator.’  Heck, the atheism section is moderated by an atheist.  :)  And you can’t ignore such accolades such as these about the openness of my forum.  In fact, I have been told by atheists that it is too open.


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