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Literary Apologetics: Missionary Work in the Language of the Masses

I am currently promoting my Birth Pangs series and thought it would be a good idea to point to a few places where I have argued that turning the tide in America today means changing the way we witness.  In particular, using narrative, whether visually or in text.

America is increasingly a mission field in its own right.  Just as missionaries have to learn the language of the natives before they can present the Gospel effectively, so too do we need to do the same in America.  This does not mean (per some trends in apologetics today) adopting the ‘language’ and methodologies wholesale.  For example, some aspects of post-modernism provide legitimate insights into the nature of reality.  However, much of post-modernism needs to be rejected as rubbish.   Nonetheless, if we want to communicate with a Pomo person, we have to be able to speak their language, presenting truth in their context, without necessarily accepting as truth that context.

Fiction and narrative in general are effective measures for presenting ideas that would otherwise be incomprehensible to someone or, if presented explicitly, would be rejected.  Unfortunately, the use of narrative as means to transmit ideas is left in large part to secularists and nonChristians.   In my view, this needs to change, if only because it is increasingly becoming the only way to present the Gospel or Christian ideas to people in a way that they won’t reject at the start.

To read more about my views you can browse this blog, beginning with these links:

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