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Miscellaneous Announcements About Stories and Essays

Over the years I have produced all sorts of written material and a lot of it is on the web. What is it doing on the web? Pretty much nothing, since the search engines have never managed to find it. However, the power of WordPress has been that anything and its mother picks up what I post here. So, what I want to do is start taking some of this material and posting it to my blog.

There are some problems with this. Some of the material is lengthy and not the sort of thing one might consider ‘blog’ worthy. For example, I have a 15 page analysis of the reliability and interpretation of Tacitus’s remarks about Pontius Pilate and the impact on historicity of Jesus discussions. That’s one long blog entry, brutha. I hope it is forgiven.

I’m also going to be posting some of my essays and research papers that arose out of my Masters degree program (I’m studying philosophy and apologetics). These also are relevant to what I do on this site. Now, I have a different attitude towards academic work then some people. I don’t write to impress the professor. I pick topics that I personally find interesting and they are often polemical. Yes, I know that this is not the way scholarship is normally done. I don’t really care.

One incident from college will illustrate: It was third year greek and we were translating out of the LXX (that’s the Septuagint for you atheists) and the assignment called for a translation followed by various discussions on grammar and what not. I found a fascinating passage out of Lamentations and wrote the whole paper focusing on whether or not it might foreshadow Christ. The resulting paper bore only a passing resemblance to what was required of me. I earned a D for the paper but I didn’t care. I learned a lot. (The professor’s note was something to this effect: “This was pretty good and had lots of insight, but I don’t think I assigned anything like this?).

So, don’t draw the wrong inference from the fact that my papers aren’t like what you’d see in a journal. My papers are written right now mainly in mind to have applicability to my ministry. You just let me handle the fact that professors expect the i’s to be dotted and the t’s crossed. I always manage to strike the balance. Ok, moving on.

Finally, I have indicated elsewhere that I’m going to be posting some of my fiction and short stories. I have some ready to go, but I think I’m going to post one or two in serial fashion. I haven’t quite decided.

I should make a note here that I expressly forbid the reprinting of this material without permission, either on paper or on the net. Do not use my papers in your own college classes. If you read the above you’d see that would be risky of you.

So, without further ado, I’m going to post the first ‘paper’ which is a longish analysis of what prompted the martyrdom of the disciples. To see all such papers, look in the sidebar for the ‘papers’ category and you’ll see all there is to see.


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