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Miscellanius Round Up, Blog Notes of no Interest to Anyone

First of all, I will be revising this web page tremendously here in the near future.  There are a ton of updates that need to happen.  I’m not looking forward to it.

Second of all, the apologetics academy has come under attack so I had to suspend the domain for now until I have time to implement measures.  I doubt it is anything as nefarius as an attack by skeptics or anything like that.  I think it is the normal Russian bot thing trying to login a hundred times a second.  I’ll get that up when I can but if you try the link and it doesn’t work- that’s why.

Third of all, I will be adjusting my comment policy to allow comments on my blog posts again.  Currently if you want to comment you have to go through to the forum.  The forum comments will still be available.  However, because of my numerous other activities, unlike some bloggers, I don’t intend to respond to each and every commentator and do not view blogs as good ways to hold extended conversations.

Check out my book, Spero at www.birthpangs.com

Ok, that’s all the clean up for now.


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