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Musings on Iran: We are on our own.

I remember walking the halls of Walter Reed hospital back in 2012, accompanying a friend who was there to visit with a friend who had given his leg and arm in service to the country.   This young man, at the time, had no regrets.  “We fight them there so that we don’t have to fight them here.”  The place was relatively quiet at the time, but even so, the sense that here was a place which served as a monument to those who did not say such platitudes, but lived them.

I remember that story sometimes when other events unfold.  The taking out of Suleimani is one such time.  One of the things that really bothers me are all the comments and ‘concerns’ about Trump taking us into ‘war.’   Taking us into war?  We’ve been at war.  With Iran, since 1979, at least.   When Iran chants “Death to America” it is not rhetoric.   Examples are legion, do I have to provide them?  Well, that’s the thing that bothers me.  It is clear that a great swath of the American public are completely ignorant at best, and rabid partisans at worse.  For this latter group, it would appear that they are willing to tolerate any number of American deaths in pursuit of their own political aspirations.

As to the former group, there is a sense in which I can forgive them for their ignorance.  As a product of the American education system (read: the ‘Social Engineering and Conditioning’ system), I did not know much about Bin Laden prior to 9-11.  I had begun to take notice of such things, to be sure, as those who knew me well at the time can attest.  But my real education began in earnest after 9-11.  From that experience, I know that if someone wants to really know what is going on, they cannot trust that the media and politicians, and certainly not our schools and universities, to provide what is necessary.

In the case of Bin Laden and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there has been much criticism since about whether or not it was ‘right’ to “go to war.”  (The consensus today, which I don’t agree with, is that it was not.)  “Go to war”?  We were already at war.  It was already a matter of record that Al Qaeda considered itself at war with the United States, and had already attacked us several times.  Iraq, too.

Do I really have to give examples?   How about the attack on the World Trade Center?  No, not in 2001.  I’m talking about the one in 1993, in which it was not only attempted to bring the towers down, but chemical weapons were deployed (thankfully, consumed in the heat of the bombs).  Or the embassy attacks in Nairobi and Tanzania?  Or the USS Cole attack?  These are all on par with Iran’s murder of some 250 Americans in 1983 in Lebanon.   See also this.  And on the view that the assassination attempted or actualized of a head of state (or second or third in command) justifies war, see this.

Just because our politicians and our bankrupt media do not tell us we are war, does not mean we are not at war.

It is also funny how other countries can do whatever the hell they want to Americans and no one tells them “Hey, you might start a war!” but on the off chance America fights back, suddenly we are subjected to screeds about our actions escalating into war.  Eg, Suleimani was involved on an attack on American sovereign territory (the US embassy in Iraq) and there were no hints out of anyone berating him for potentially escalating tensions.   Apparently, our enemies can wound, maim, and kill us at will without being accused of inciting war, but we just have to bend over and take whatever happens to us.

With such observations in mind, my assessment a few years after 9-11 is one I will repeat now for your benefit:  “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, rely on your government to protect you.”

While there have been some bright spots where it appears that the people whose job it is to protect and serve the interests of the American public have actually done their job, the failures continue to add up.  These failures are not insignificant.  These failures = dead Americans.  Since they won’t do their jobs, you have to do it yourself, to the best of your ability.  Since you cannot topple Iran or kneecap China (etc), this means doing what is necessary to protect those who are yours to protect.

To that end, after 9-11, as soon as I was able, I moved to a rural area in a state with far more liberties than the one I had been living in.  You should assess what you need to do, as well.  It is not, as I have said, a matter of whether or not the US is going to go to war over this or that.  Rather, it is the case that the US is already at war, with real people trying to kill us.  And, this is important:  your government probably will not be able, or willing, to stop them.

I am speaking of the long view, here.  In the short term, we occasionally have positive signs.  At the moment, at least, we appear to have a president who takes his role as Commander in Chief seriously.  But pay close attention to his numerous critics, many of them elected officials.  If they were in charge, they would happily see YOU DEAD rather than Trump get a ‘win.’  Or, perhaps it might rather be said that they resent it when someone else gets credit for doing good things, and would perhaps step up if Americans were murdered on their watch.  The distinction here being that its not the deaths of Americans that concerns them, but whether or not they are the ones in charge that ultimately motivates them.  In due time, they will be back in charge.  Thus, I warn you:  you are on your own.

Thus, I am not concerned that the killing of Suleimani might put us on a path to ‘war’ as it actually only revealed to some people that we were already at war.  But if this is the first time you’ve been exposed to that reality (and you care), its time to get your head out of your rear.

With that in mind, it is critical to understand that our enemies–and I refer to those who explicitly consider us enemies–are not idiots.    Wartime tends to bring with it a different moral calculation, such that things one does not consider moral in peacetime become necessary, even if not moral.  Ostensibly, they would be leaving us alone if not for the fact that we were all up in their business, but since we are, and they are on a war footing with us, they feel their actions are warranted and necessary.   However, they know they cannot get what they want by landing divisions of troops on our shores.  Thus, they get away with what they can get away with.

One of the things Iran has gotten away with is funding its war against America with… money provided by Americans.  In a genius move, they have figured out a way of doing that while actually killing Americans, without drawing missile fire from us in response.   Astonishingly, large numbers of Americans are perfectly fine with this, refraining from and actively resisting measures which would throw much cold water on the whole effort.

I speak, of course, of the Iranian effort to traffic drugs into America through all available means, including, naturally, the southern border.  In an infuriating twist, Obama and his administration deliberately and explicitly turned their attention away from fighting this effort.  The details are not well known because of our murderously evil MSM, but enough is known to make you see red.  I have been following this for some time.  See here [about halfway down], here, and here.

Suleimani is said to have been responsible for a thousand American deaths.  In truth, in his connection to Hezbollah and Iran in general, it must be seen as tens of thousands.  In one year alone, 60,000 Americans died–on Obama’s watch–due to drug use.  How much of this was directly tied to the Iranians and/or Obama’s complicity in forbidding American law enforcement from doing their job is something we’ll never know, because to know it would require other people–the media and our elected officials–to do their job.

Again, I remind you:  we are on our own.

Far from fighting ‘over there’ so as to not be fighting ‘here,’ the so-called ‘opioid’ crisis is being fought right here in our communities, with actual, literal, deaths.  With Iranian-backed groups making actual, literal, money.  With them using that actual, literal, money, to fund still more war on America (and Israel and SA) [this is interesting; for direct relevance, skip to the second to last paragraph].

[As an aside, as if standing aside while Iran stuffs its coffers full of American dollars from average citizens buying illicit drugs, Obama went one better, actually delivering 1.3 billion dollars in CASH on pallets directly to Iran.  In a testimony to people’s abject stupidity, partisanship, ignorance, etc, many people are just discovering this fact.  In a perfect example of the ‘scaffolding‘ fallacy, these same people, who knew next to nothing about it a moment earlier (“Obama did no such thing!), try to find ways now to justify this cash delivery (eg, now saying, “Ok he did it but it was Iran’s own money to begin with!”).  As if dropping a billion dollars in cash to an entity that is AT WAR WITH YOU is ever justified!  Will any of our MSM and ‘evidence-based’ officials be taking any time to calculate how many people were killed thanks to new purchases of rockets, etc, thanks to this cash infusion?  HA.]

The reason I mention this aspect here is because Iran is not by any means the only ones engaged in such warfare-by-proxy.  South America is, as we speak, a staging ground for numerous entities, some of them state-based, for undermining the interests of the United States, exploiting the criminal–if not treasonous–refusal by American partisans to lock down our borders.

Every now and then, such things come together into a discrete data point which serves as a ‘tip of the iceberg’ warning.  For example, the killing of Suleimani has surfaced a fact that some of us have known for quite a while, namely the cooperation of Hezbollah etc with Mexican drug cartels.  The incident in question is the attempted assassination of Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, on American soil:

According to U.S. officials, the two planned to kill Al-Jubeir at a restaurant with a bomb and subsequently bomb the Saudi embassy and the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. Bombings in Buenos Aires were also discussed. […] The criminal complaint charged Manssor Arbabsiar, a 56-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen holding both Iranian and U.S. passports, and Gholam Shakuri, a commander in Iran’s Quds Force, the special-operations unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. […] [source] The Iranian plot the US government says aimed to murder Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Washington allegedly fell down because a member of the Mexican Zeta drug cartel hired to carry out the job for $1.5m was actually a US informant. [source]

In a post in December, I brought up the Zeta drug cartel, as they were the ones that massacred the American family a couple of months ago.  The “Quds Force,” if you have been living in a barn the last week, is the Iranian military unit that Suleimani was in charge of.  I trust that no one will say anything as insulting as to suggest that Shakuri’s activities were not known and even sanctioned by Suleiman.  In other words, the incident, if it had unfolded, would have been a terror attack on American soil sponsored directly by Iran.  (In 2011, when this happened, Obama had not yet FULLY thrown in with the Iranians, a fact that I’m sure Al-Jubeir is very grateful for.)

While the Zeta cartel is not, as far as I know, in a declared war against the United States, Iran–which is–has been demonstrated time and time again to use proxies in order to carry out their aims.  They do this in order to create ‘plausible deniability.’  It is a way to fool American citizens.   Our elected leaders, and probably a very unhealthy number of the media, know full well who is behind much of this stuff.  However, since most Americans do not pay enough attention… or even, thanks to their conditioning, lack the capacity even… to connect dots, without leaders and the MSM connecting those dots, Iran and other enemies of America are able to get away with literal murder home and abroad, without the citizenry calling for the heads of those doing the murdering.

That is to say, if our government was honest and forthright about what Iran has been up to for the last forty years or so, there would be a groundswell of agitation to deal with Iran once and for all.   We’ll leave aside the wisdom and morality of this decision by the government, and just repeat:  we are on our own.

Iran is not the only country using proxies.

The most notable other entity now engaged in proxy warfare with the United States is China.  The Chinese are not so brazen as Iran in stating their objectives openly, but their objectives can be ascertained nonetheless through independent research.  That is to say, they aren’t particularly shy about it.

The Chinese consider themselves in a good spot right now.  Unlike Iran, which is subject to strict sanctions, China enjoys strong access to America’s markets, while at the same time making it difficult for Americans to access Chinese markets.  Via currency manipulation and other economic means, China has been working hard to undermine America’s strength.  Moreover, like Iran, they have not been opposed to sapping our strength via the drug trade.  While cocaine and heroin have inflicted their own harms, the Chinese have taken it to a new level by the mass importation of fentanyl, which has radically increased the lethality of drug use in America.

Trump has made the fentanyl issue an important part of his negotiations with China, which is to his credit.  China, in the meantime, has made some gestures towards cracking down on ‘criminals’ exporting the compound.  The idea that these people are/were acting outside the purview of the Chi-comms is as absurd as believing that Saddam Hussein knew nothing about Ramzi Yousef and his operations.  China is, as Iraq was, a totalitarian police state with a devilishly expansive intelligence apparatus.  China knew exactly what they were doing.  It is part of their ‘unrestricted warfare.’

How we frame these things matters a great deal.  The drug problem is usually viewed as a law enforcement and public health issue, as if the people responsible for bringing such things to the country are mere miscreants and the people afflicted by the drugs victims of circumstance, rather than deliberate foreign actions.  Such illusions are able to persist because of proxy warfare in which someone pulls the ‘trigger’ in a far off country years or even decades earlier, with the person taking the ‘bullet’ separated so far from the ‘shot’ that no one makes the connection as to who the real ‘shooter’ is.

A big purpose of this post is to dispense with that illusion.

(As much as I’d love to batter law enforcement and the public health community for their abject failures in these matters, it is a different post, and at any rate, I would still concede that both have an appropriate role in addressing these issues.)

When we understand that we are actually under attack, that is, that an ‘epidemic’ is not some sad twist of circumstance, but rather part of a deliberate plan, we engage the matter in much different terms.  Ie, very similar to what I said at above, about how in war morality becomes intertwined with what is necessary.

On a society-wide level, such an awareness seems unlikely to happen.  One needs only to look at the Democrat party’s response to the fate of Suleimani and your average liberal’s complete indifference to the countless American lives who have died simply for lack of strong border enforcement.  But we can look even further, all the way back to 1979, when a country started a war with the United States and piled up bodies of Americans over the decades, and politicians, whether Republican or Democrat, refused to do what was necessary.

Thus I return to the young man at Walter Reed.  Are we on our own, really, when we have such young men and women willing to lay down the lives for their fellow Americans?  I need not limit my thoughts even to them.  What about the many Iranian citizens who wish they could throw off their oppressors, or the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even a great many Chinese citizens who abhor communism?  No, they are on their own, too.  Almost certainly, all of these will be abandoned, and once abandoned and attention moves off of them, murdered.  We might say, rather, that we are all on our own, together.  Their sacrifices allow us to live in order to better understand our actual predicament and plan accordingly.  Let us not take the time given to us by the blood of others for granted.

As far as Suleimani goes, take the win.  But no one should delude themselves into thinking that we have good reason for letting our guard down in our own homes and communities, regardless of whether or not he was alive or dead.  There is always someone in the world who wishes to kill us and there is no question that they will go to extreme measures to do so.  There is also no question that they will continue to succeed.  After every incident that transpires, we learn that it could have been prevented, if only X.  There seems to be no question that there will always be an X.

This being the case, do not fear Iran’s response to this incident.  They were going to do what they were going to do, anyway, more or less.  They will probably get away with it, too.  If you thought otherwise, you weren’t paying attention.

It is time to start paying attention.   It is time to take matters into your own hands to defend your own, to the extent that you can.

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    • Ajit on January 7, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Also, We are or need to be with God or else we are doomed in every which way.

    • Anthony on January 7, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    That is a very good point.

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