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My Letters from Antony Flew About “There is a God.”

I am happy to have had the honor to have corresponded with the recently deceased Antony Flew.  This correspondence occurred after he had abandoned atheism and before it had become publicly known that he was going to write a book documenting his conversion.

This book has come under fierce attack, though not on its merits.  Rather, it has been attacked through an assault on the author.   On account of my correspondence, however, I had some tangible evidence in support of the contention that the book represented Flew’s real positions.  I produced this material in this blog post here which has gotten a lot of attention.  While I wait for a reply from Mr. Carrier, I thought it high time to produce the actual letters which I quote and display (from a distance) in that blog entry.

UPDATE:  These Letters are now only available in an ebook.  Kindle and Nook links Here.

I didn’t produce this earlier out of deference to Mr. Flew, thinking that private correspondence ought generally be kept, well, private.  I don’t think he would mind now.  If anyone should like to transcribe the letters below I should very much appreciate it.  I will post their transcription if they do.

I received 3 letters, only 2 of which are produced here.  The third from him was merely a courtesy and contained no new information.  The first image is the letter I sent to him.

I deleted just a few places as it seemed proper- ie, contact info.  Otherwise, I left the letters ‘as is’ for posterity’s sake.

My first letter to Flew:

Dr. Flew’s First Response:

I don’t have my second letter to Flew handy and do not recall precisely what I wrote.  However, one can guess a bit from his reply, which is below.

Dr. Flew’s second response



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    • Steven Carr on April 22, 2010 at 2:16 am


    At 1:29 the interviewer of Flew explains he could not broadcast the interview he had done with Flew, because Flew could not understand the questions and was incoherent.


    That unbroadcastable interview was done in 2005.

    • Anthony on April 22, 2010 at 6:39 am

    There is only one issue here: did his book reflect his actual positions or not?

    You guys keep attacking his mental state as though if it were shown that he had deteriorated significantly you could consider his new position as ‘ill-gotten’ and put another mark in the ‘Christian apologists are evil’ column.

    However, it is abundantly clear to any fair minded and objective- and kind- person that the book does reflect his real views.

    Such a reader may wish to take a look at this interview from 2004: http://www.biola.edu/antonyflew/index.cfm Dr. Flew is eminently coherent and readers of his last book will easily see numerous similar themes and points of contact.

    My letters demonstrate continued adherence to these views despite any deterioration.

    Besides, wouldn’t one expect that if those nasty Christian apologists really had their hand on the wheel that they would have just gone whole hog and in the final book presented Dr. Flew as one who had fully and finally become a Christian?

    But none of this matters to you. You are not nice people. You have no shame. You are the one manufacturing viewpoints and ignoring the relevant issues. I am glad that you popped onto my blog again to engage in indecencies. For all those people out there thinking that atheists occupy the moral high ground, ‘contributions’ like yours reveal otherwise.

  1. I have briefly read about professor A Flew- one of the worlds great proponants of atheism..and how his position on atheism was abandoned even after 30+ books support his atheistic position. ..and why would a man who has devoted his whole lifes work pushing atheism change his position??well it turns out that mr flew actually believed in scientific data and eveidence and how science seeks truth in it an inferance to the best explanation of lifes origin based on the data available …and was fully persuaded by cutting edge discoverys in many scientific fields ..namely the turning point for prof Flew was his study of dna..the library of 4character didital information and exqusite nanotechnology within our every cell and the Question debated..what is /was the origin of the first information in the first life/cell(where did it come from) ?or where did informatin that blueprints every aspect of our biological life and the sequencing required to interpret dna info into this amino acid language-blueprnt called transcription come from?? . this digial information encoded along the spine of the dna molecule.. In dna there is-3.2 billion bits of 4 character digital encoded information- its a library..and is basically fed into a bio computer hat interprets information or encoded data and then performs the interpratation this encoded digital instruction into a trascript,a blueprint- which is again interpreted and implemented into amino acid structure(parts)(lego)each amino acid like a piece of lego or letter of an alphabetical language that fits together to form structures much like lego, built into a photocopy like 3demensional stucture(protein) now..proteins built from amio acids according to the instuction contained in the dna.. also funtion in like manner forming our cells and the exquisite nanotec in them.. (mini biological machines) that work to form our frame, muscular,vascular cilatoty systems,nerves strcture(like fiberoptics) brain(super computer(in every cell and they replicate)all regulated in processes..encrypting the preset chemical balences responsable for the diffeence between sane and scitzo consciousness)) and ultimately every unconcious process that appears to be preset in the forming of a model human being all built into types, two seperate entitys two opposite sexes, with the abilit to self replicate appear irreducubly complex in each other-for existance to be as it is for people.(the two shall become one flesh) only in -sexual union ordered in such a way that opposite sex/union is required for any replication to take place and unites with other arguments for the irreducable complexity in/of our body/species.. and the arrangements and requirments for opposite sexes is a form of irreducable compexity itself..for our procreation this also inferance to and itself indicates design.. there appears to be a demand for two fully formed humans in our origin at least in our species ..without at least two opposite fully fome sexes humanity could of never gotten of the ground ..THESE EVEDENCES TRANSFORMED A HARDENED ATHEIST prof flew and is a part of the metamorphasis of scientific theory in our day .. GARY OLIVER 2010. PT#1…crude 1st draft ..lol

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