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My Million Words and the Road to Good Writing

It is one of those subjective truisms that a person becomes a good writer sometime after writing their millionth word.  I don’t know if the truism is true or not.  I should like to think that my writing was good many hundred thousand words ago.  🙂  I won’t deny, however, that the writing in my first published book, Fidelis (156,000 words), is not as good as my writing of the second book, Spero (165,000 words) , and as I continue to write the third book- Caritas (as yet <50,000 words)- I feel like the writing is better still.

The random mathematician will wander in and point out that this only comes out to about 350,000 words.  Clever chap, you.  However, these works do not exhaust my words.  🙂  I have about 20 short stories I’ve written (that I still have on file, anyway, some published, some not) and a handful of (yet unpublished) novellas.  I have guesstimated that my other writing comes in between 250,000-350,000 words.

AHA.  Still not a million.

Right-oh, partner.  I recently discovered that this blog contains, from its inception to now, articles totaling about 530,000 words.  Subtracting contributions by others and miscellaneous chaff, it is safely around half a million words from yours truly.  A very conservative estimate puts my output to date at at least 1,150,000 words.

That settles it.  I’m finally a good writer.

Phew.  Glad I got that taken care!

P.S., according to the blog metric software I installed, my average post is about 900 words long.


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