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Obama and the National Day of Prayer

Some Christians I’ve read have been disappointed by the fact that Obama didn’t do anything for the National Day of Prayer.  I don’t know why.  This is who Obama is.  He has given us no reason to think he is otherwise.  I’m glad that he didn’t continue the illusion in some minds (more accurately, self-delusion) by honoring an event he actually cares little about.  This is who Obama is.   Aren’t you paying attention?  Didn’t you read anything?  Didn’t you perform any investigation of your own?  Good grief.

Obama said he will pray in private.   You betcha.  5 times a day, most likely.  😉  But even so, look at his churches.  Look at his Chicago church’s web page.  Look for any reference you can that his church even believes in God, let alone Jesus.

The guy attends Unitarian churches.  We aren’t talking Christianity here.  We’re talking about something even more generic than what he had in Chicago.  For all we know he prayers to a higher power that he believes is within himself.

Anyway, kudos to Obama for continuing to be honest and straightforward about his real beliefs.  Now if only we can get certain segments of this population to realize that when he says and does these things, he really means them…


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    • Rick Wojcik on May 11, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    I rather like a President who doesn’t wear his religion on his sleeve, although I find Obama to be less than ideal in that department. Just the same, he seems to understand the separation between church and state, have been a professor of Constitutional law. There is no need for an American President to lead the nation in prayer. If he wants to pray, he can do it all he wants as a private citizen.

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