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On the Road and Away for 10 Days and Supporting through Goodsearch

I have a series of presentations I am involved with and will be away from my home computer for the whole spell.  Odds are that this is being read by those who saw and heard me… Hi!  Welcome to my web page.  There is a lot here so take your time and explore.  You can shoot me a message through my contact form and when I get back and settled in I’ll get back to you.

On a more general note, I forgot to mention in my previous blog about the formation of Athanatos Christian Ministries that as a nonprofit I was eligible for Goodsearch.  Goodsearch is a search engine using Yahoo’s search tools that drops a penny or so in a nonprofit’s pocket for each search that is done through it.  You can choose any charity and if you already Yahoo then this one is a no-brainer.  If you use Google, well, it’s a transition.

To try out Goodsearch use this direct link to also help out ACM:  http://www.goodsearch.com/?charityid=869466 


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