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Online Presentation on the Demise of Christianity

Below I have the ‘video’ of my online presentation on the ‘death of Christianity.’   I have been developing a line of thought and the corresponding presentation for about a year.  I adapted by presentation for the uniquness of this format.  My adaptations reflected the fact that it was a virtual presentation, that it was predominantly a ‘professional’ church work Christian audience, and that it was predominantly a Lutheran Christian audience.  Also, the outline of my presentation (unadapted) is about 45 mins, here I only had 30 mins to work with.

I am hosting the video on my ministry’s new Christian file sharing service, emphasizing apologetics videos.  The site is www.apologeticsvideos.net.  At this time, I am allowing anyone to post apologetics related videos so if you have got them feel free to upload them.  (The chief advantage is that there is no time limit on a video.  There is, however, a 100mb file size limit)

With no further ado, here is the video of the presentation:


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