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Online Radio Station Nearly Live


I had a weekly radio show for awhile which was broadcast online, and then in the course of things I had to let it go.  I have been ramping up for a renewed effort to make sntjohnny.com something special, with a target date of January of 2007.  Bringing back the radio show is a part of that.  More than that, the show is now on a streaming radio station, which even now, as we speak, is broadcasting some music and some other stuff- including the new sntjohnny theme song. 

The radio show I envision beginning will be an hour long panel discussion, recorded before a live audience, and then made available as a podcast as well as on the streaming audio for later listening.

Feel free to try it out right now by going to the portal page, http://www.sntjohnny.com/radioportal.html and clicking on ‘tune in.’


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