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PETA Sex Education Commercial Tells the Truth Just not the Right One

Have you seen on the news the PETA sex education commercial?  On Fox News it’s getting hammered for being grossly inappropriate.  Possibly Youtube agrees, since it looks like it has been pulled.  That means I have to explain it, I reckon.

Basically, the commercial has a mother and father (gots to give them credit for arriving at that arrangement) encouraging their daughter to have sex with anything that ‘has a pulse.’  When the girl protests that she might get pregnant, the parents tell her not to worry, after all, there are places for unwanted children- forgetting I guess, that some elments within the human species thinks aborting unwanted children is a perfectly acceptable solution.  The ad ends with something like “We don’t treat our children this way, why do we treat our pets this way?”

The ad ends with a plea to spay and neuter the family pet, which of course a quick survey of human history over the last century refutes the notion that we humans don’t treat ourselves that way.  Eugenics got a bad rap but it’s coming back into vogue.  But that is not what caught my attention.

Anyway, I wasn’t offended by the ad at all.  Instead, I thought that on a cultural level, the message given to the daughter is exactly the message communicated.  Perhaps parents don’t just come out and say ‘sleep with anything that moves’ but young people are clearly getting that message.  You don’t need “Let’s do it like they do it on Discovery Channel” to perceive that.  The simple fact is that American society is saturated in the message to have sex with anything that ‘has a pulse.’

So, the PETA commercial does really capture a real truth.  Only that truth is not that we don’t treat our own children the way we do animals.  In fact, we do.  In fact, you might say that we still treat the animals a shade better, for we only spay and neuter them, we don’t abort their offspring for them.  Forced abortion is the humane solution to human over-population.  Or so they believe in China.  I suppose you might argue that the unwanted animals are eventually euthanized, so maybe they do get more of a bum deal, but euthanasia is on our doorstep too, isn’t it?

I suppose if you believe we humans are mere animals such logical progressions are inevitable.  Pretty soon PETA is going to have to turn its attention to the humane treatment of humans.   Ok, don’t hold your breath.  The rest of us should be thinking about it, though.


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  1. Thank you for your support of a Christian view of animals. If you ever want more information on the subject, consult my articles in Emmaus Journal and The Evangelical Review of Society and Politics as well as my upcoming book, Dominion over Wildlife? An Environmental theology of Human-Wildlife Relations, Wipf and Stock, summer 2009.

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