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PETA to buy Sea World and set the creatures go?

The article.

I’m not a PETA fan by any means.  I think occasionally they do a good thing but this is usually overshadowed by the numerous silly and extreme things they do.

According to this article, PETA is angling to purchase one of the Sea World facilities and then let the animals go.  I have to say that this is an approach I approve of.  It also goes against the grain of the way the far left usually operates.  Under normal circumstances, PETA or its like would have tried to pursue legislation to outlaw such operations or to generate taxes (paid by everyone) to further their aims (uniquely theirs).  This concept of putting up their own funds to do what they think is right is a breath of fresh air.

If everyone with a liberal mindset decided to put their own money where their mouths were I suspect that they probably could get a lot done, some of which I might even find myself approving of.  For example, instead of trying to ram through labor laws such as the minimum wage, they could start their own companies, or buy companies, and then out of their own pockets pay what they think is a reasonable wage.   Assuming that a ‘reasonable wage’ is much more generous than even the ‘minimum wage’ I think that would be a decent place to work.  Perhaps other companies would model it… although there is the open question as to whether or not the company could stay afloat with such generous compensation.

I could produce other examples along the same lines.  I don’t for a minute believe that the left at large is going to abstain from trying to use the government to pursue its agenda using money taken from everyone else, but I say that when we see an outfit putting their own money where their mouth is, that is something that should be commended.


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