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Planned Parenthood And Their Hypocritical Concern for Haiti

I suppose many readers have heard the outcry against Planned Parenthood soliciting donations to restore ‘family planning’ services in Haiti.  I’ll leave others to reflect on the weirdness of this.  I’d like to focus briefly on the hypocrisy of it, for, after all, given Planned Parenthood’s real goals, their only complaint about what happened in Haiti can only be that more people didn’t die.

I have discussed the malthusian nature of abortion proponents at length on this blog so I won’t rehash it.  Essentially the point is this:  if you really believe that over population is the worst crisis facing the planet, then the mass destruction of tens of thousands of people must be, ultimately, something to celebrate.

For the person bobbing along in the waves of life, such an assessment will be seen as outrageous and insensitive.   Still, the assessment is true.  In the article I linked to begin with, there is this little quote:

“There are reports of women giving birth on the side of the road as hospitals and houses have been demolished,” said Ms. Stacey, noting also that Planned Parenthood is encouraging donations to Americans for UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, which is also bringing assistance to pregnant women in Haiti.

“The donations (Planned Parenthood is promoting) will help UNFPA provide emergency reproductive health kits,” said Ms. Stacey. “These kits could essentially function as OB wards as they contain essential drugs, equipment and supplies to provide lifesaving services to pregnant women.”

Now, an ’emergency reproductive health kit’ is obviously a euphemism for an on-the-run abortion kit, right?  Whether or not they really have the capability to ‘provide lifesaving services’ or only have that capability ‘when the life of the mother’ is at risk, I don’t know.  What I’d really like to point out that PP is getting these kits from UNFPA- the United Nations Population  Fund.

This is an organization that is pretty straight forward in its belief that the world is in big, big trouble because of there being so many people.   Moreover, it has bought into the notion that the fate of the earth itself is at stake if action is not taken to reduce the number of people on the planet.   The UNFPA actively promotes population control- that is to say, the abortion of as many people as possible- as the solution to ‘climate change.’

PP and the UNFPA ostensibly appear to want to help people but according to their logic the best way to help people is to end people, the more the better, and as soon as possible.  They would never say that because they are not stupid, but others can’t help stating some obvious logical conclusions.  I’ve documented a number on this blog but for a quick and dirty example, consider Diane Francis who wrote in Canada’s national paper that it was time to impose on the world a global one child policy akin to what we see in China- to save the planet, of course.

These people are sick.  Their idea for sparing people pain and suffering is to prevent them from coming into existence in the first place.  They set themselves up as gods who in their majesty know who needs to live and die.  I don’t dare assert that the majority of them don’t really want to help people- but this is because they lack Diane Francis’s (and Jonathan Porritt’s, etc) courage to follow their own logic and urge as the Final Solution the elimination of those who need help.

So what?  They are sick.  Who cares?  Well, while it probably turns the stomach of the average American to think that what Haiti really needs now is abortion technology and won’t pay a dime to support Planned Parenthood’s operations, in fact the average American is already responsible for doing just that:  they elected Barack Obama, who, in one of his first acts as new president, restored United States funding of the UNFPA.  Moreover, our tax dollars support Planned Parenthood.

It is a bizarre irony that generous Americans are working so hard to help the people of Haiti and suffering people all over the globe while at the same time the American government is working hard to fund organizations that believe that it is better for us all if there were fewer of these people to begin with.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.  These groups are not fringe and they are not poorly funded.  Their advocates publish the logical conclusions of their ideas right in broad daylight.  It is clear that we live again in 1930… but in which country, I don’t know… It is time to stop being a ‘splendid dupe.’


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