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Reflections on the 4.5 Million Dollar Child they Wanted to Abort

Posted this at the LFL-WI blog.

This is the sort of story that really gets under my skin.  A Florida couple won a lawsuit against her doctors, asserting that they failed to discover that their child would be born disabled (no arms and one leg).  The woman testified that she would have definitely aborted the child if they had that information.

“They went from the heights of joyous expectations to the depths of despair,” their attorney Robert Bergin told the jury during closing arguments Wednesday.

It is a sham to think that the timing makes any difference.  My wife and I also experienced this descent from joy to despair, but it actually occurred at the ultrasound.  We were crushed as truly as this couple was crushed.  That an abortion is a possible direction to go after receiving such news doesn’t make the despair go away.  I’ve known many a parent that lost their child merely through miscarriage and was subsequently crushed at the loss of the child.    In situations such as these, despair is the natural response, but it does not justify any and all actions that we might conceive of.

I am not sure that I can hold this court judgement against the couple.  As I read between the lines of the article, I gather that we have a fairly poor couple that has struggled to give their disabled child the care he needs.  I get the impression that they were willing to say anything, perhaps even complete untruths, in order to obtain security for their child.    But now, after four years of life with my own disabled child, I know just how much of an untruth these untruths are.

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