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Reflections on the ‘Dragon Mom’

Posted this at the WI-LFL blog:

Someone pointed me to an op-ed in the NY Times by a ‘dragon mom.’  Her son, born with Tay-Sachs, is not expected to live beyond three years old.  And yet, despite this- or is it because of this?-  the joy she has with him is immense and incalculable.   Our society bends over backwards to ‘spare’ children and mothers of this joy, offering a quick and easy termination.  But if you read this article, you see that even in the face of impending grief, joy prevails every time.

Of course, if we’re honest, we understand that we all face certain griefs.  First of all, we know that death awaits all of us, eventually.  And yet we continue to build friendships, have children, and otherwise ensure that someone, somewhere, at sometime, will experience grief and suffering.  We do this because we know that the joy of relationship does in fact triumph over the griefs that follow us throughout our existence.

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