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Russians Right that America Is Nearly Marxist?

I saw this article from Pravda posted on the Drudge Report.

I am linking to it because I think there is a fair bit of truth in it, actually.   I doubt it will wake anyone up.  While I know a great deal of people who are not happy with the current trends and are not the ‘sheeple’ referenced by the editorialist, I can think of a fair number who scoff at the notion that fascism or socialism could happen here… when in fact it isn’t a question of whether or not it could happen, it is happening.

By the time these scoffers wake up it will be too late.  And then there are of course the scoffers who actually desire a Marxist state but prudence requires that they deny that they desire it every step of the way even as they work to make each of those steps a reality.

One of those persons is the man a majority of Americans voted for president in the last election.

Here is the article.  Enjoy.


(Note that there are two pages to the article)


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