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More Skeptic and Atheistic Response to the Holmen Star and Cross

If you’ve been following my posts about the Holmen cross/star, you know that my position is that the Village of Holmen took the ‘easy’ way out in its attempt to preserve the cross on Star Hill, and likely a foolish attempt at that, as they’re probablygoing to get sued anyway.

I’ve been following the blogosphere reaction and found a truly remarkable read from a science blog.  It is the comments in particular that I find interesting.  They prove that some people simply cannot be pleased.  If you thought the offense was that it was on public property and that the transfer to private property would make the skeptics and anti-religionists happy, boy were you wrong.  That means you, Holmen Trustees.

I want to speak to one of the general themes in the comments where our valiant atheists deem to speak for the residents of Holmen, indignant that they would pass up $600 just so that the star and cross, which has been up for forty years, could be retained.   The presumption is obnoxious.  I live in the town.  Let us remember exactly how many people were offended from the start:  one.  Just one, a certain Eric Barnes, a recent resident of the town.  In point of fact, most residents of the village are quite pleased with the council’s solution… and others who aren’t happy, like myself, wouldn’t have sold it to anyone.

The other arrogant presumption, although completely par for the course, is the belief that we’re talking about die hard Bible Thumping Republicans.  What nonsense.  A survey of election returns over the last eight years would settle that.     I have seen the same kind of tact on another blog I found.  La Crosse is a liberal county.   Some other explanation is needed, and cramming the county’s inhabitants into the absolutely wrong box in order to make the world make sense to you ain’t going to cut it.

I can sum it up quickly enough:  maybe activists in Madison wouldn’t want such monuments erected, but they don’t live in Holmen.  The simple message here is:  Mind your own Business.  Which, incidentally is exactly why I didn’t want them to sell the land in the first place.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the blog I found.


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