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Some Christian Responses to Pullman’s His Dark Materials

Apart from my own, which is located here, here are some others of interest that I’ve found. It should be noted that my posting of them does not mean that I necessarily endorse them. I am trying to give people the ability to educate themselves.

Pluggedinonline – Christian Movie Review site- Pretty good job.

http://www.christiananswers.net – Extensive overview.

InsightScoop – a very nice article responding to Pullman’s ‘atheism.’

wardrobedoor.blogspot.com – Most of the points in here I agree with.

http://www.margheim.net – This has a good collection of material.

http://www.churchinhistory.org – A response to what was thought to be a claim that the books should be burned.

http://www.christianpost.com/article With the great ironical assertion by Pullman that his books do not promote the atheistic world view. A bit of a hoot.

http://wrongquestions.blogspot.com/ This isn’t a sophisticated review, but contains a lot of points worth mentioning. And it made me laugh, especially with all of the atheists running around trying to insist that Pullman really, honestly, was not trying to deliberately promote an atheistic world view.

A Christianity Today Overview [a bit dated]




The Internet Monk. Here- not afraid of atheists or their movie, and here- Sexual Freedom, Pullman’s Atheism. I really appreciated Michael Spencer’s comments in both of these links. In many respects, his arguments are my arguments.

http://www.sakshitimes.com/ – I especially enjoyed the comments near the end highlighting the disconnect between what ‘mainstream Christianity’ thinks about God and what atheists (like Pullman) thinks.


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