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Some introductory Remarks

Welcome to my Christian Apologetics page. This site is a long time in coming and is born of many debates- both online and off. I personally nearly abandoned the Christian faith in college. For all I know, I did. God only knows. I did this deliberately. That is, disillusioned by my unanswered questions, I decided to forget all that I thought I knew and rebuild.

The process of that rebuilding has made me what I am today, for better or for worse. Many skeptics have decided to challenge the authenticity of my experience. I’m not entirely sure why that is. I suspect it may be that, in their opinion, anyone who was ‘truly’ a skeptic would never have returned to Christianity. But a skeptic I was, and to Christianity I did return. This has given me a unique perspective on both Christianity as well as its defense and presentation.

At anyrate, since I rebuilt my faith from scratch, I can truly say that I have no belief that exists unexamined. I have no belief without some reason for that belief. I believe those reasons are good reasons, and this site is devoted to explaining why I think they are good.

Welcome to my site and the home of my ministry on the web!


In my early days as a nothing-believer, I was frightened. After all, I had been a Christian (as far as I knew) for my entire life. Setting that aside was very uncomfortable but as I began my ‘rebuilding effort’ I grew more and more comfortable following truth whereever it went. Not long into the process, as I slowly returned to theism and Christ reclaimed me to Christianity, I realized that true seekers of truth have nothing to fear from such inquiries.

In fact, I found that most of the arguments against theism and Christianity were highly irrational. Often, they were based on inaccurate conceptions about Christianity. Sadly, this was the fault of the Christian church as much as anything else. At anyrate, I have sinced realized that there is no credible intellectual threat posed by atheism.

However, you couldn’t tell this from a casual look at the intellectual climate in the world today. Most of the time, it looks as though Christianity is on the run. ‘Religion’ is not far behind it. It is my job as an apologist to show that Christianity can hold its own, and when its all said and done, the objective person will turn to it, rather than something else.

There are some obvious challenges to being successful in that capacity, but a big part of it consists not in arguing with atheists and skeptics, but rather in providing Christians with accurate information in the first place to prevent them from leaving the faith in the first place.

Paul said that some plant, some water, and others reap the increase. My job is to go out into the land and move rocks- or break them if necessary- till the land, and struggle through knee deep fertilizer… all in the effort to allow those who come later to plant, water, and reap the harvest.

I look forward to the prospects of either serving you as someone who needs to haul rocks out of the field, or as someone who can look at the field, detect problems, and help farmers more effectively plant, water, and reap.


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