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Strongly Recommended: Maafa 21- Evolution, Eugenics, and Abortion

I recently viewed Life Dynamics’s documentary, Maafa 21.  I wrote a review and posted it to the Christian Post.com.

Here it is:

Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that organizations like Planned Parenthood have their origins in eugenics movements which in turn were formed to deal with the ‘problem’ created to society by the end of slavery.  Using primary source material throughout the 2 hour documentary, Maafa 21 details how birth control measures such as abortion and sterilization were originally presented in the context of eliminating ‘undesirables’ from society.  Highest on that list for the original eugenicists:  black people.

Maafa 21 focuses on the ‘womb-lynching’ of blacks in America but given my own personal story I want to emphasize that the same arguments given by eugenicists regarding black people was- and is- applied to other groups, as well.  Maafa 21 makes the important point that the eugenics programs under Hitler didn’t merely single out Jews, but also targeted black people.  I should like to add that those with birth defects and disabilities were also targeted.  This is not to take away from the compelling argument that Maafa 21 makes, but simply to point out that eugenics arguments are not exclusively applied (in the past, or today) to black people.

With that out of the way, let it be said that Maafa 21 does a tremendous job showing just how closely linked eugenics was with the issue of the hordes of freed slaves now released into society.  Elites who had been happy to make use of slave labor were now concerned about the impact on the economy that poor, illiterate black people would have on society.  That it was elites- white, educated, and wealthy- and not just your average white American is a point that Maafa 21 makes effectively.  These were the movers and the shakers of the day (and today) and they were convinced that they were thinking only of the ‘best for society,’ which they calculated from a Darwinian standpoint.

‘Survival of the Fittest’ provided the intellectual basis for these elites as they tried to solve the ‘negro problem.’  The first eugenicists, as thoroughly detailed in Maafa 21, were not Nazis, but American thinkers and aristocrats attempting to implement Darwinian biological principles in an intentional fashion.  In fact, Maafa 21 reveals numerous connections between American eugenicists and the Nazis.  For example, Maafa 21 describes how American eugenicist Harry Laughlin received an honorary degree from the Nazis in 1936.  The connections run even deeper:  Hitler appears to have even gotten his idea for concentration camps from American eugenicist thinkers.

Maafa 21 is not alone in pointing out that Planned Parenthood is simply the outgrowth of eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger’s previous birth control organizations.  However, Maafa 21 does one of the best jobs I’ve seen for documenting how and why Planned Parenthood came about the way it did.  Suffice it to say, after the atrocities of World War Two had made eugenics a dirty word, it became clear that folks like Sanger could not continue on using the same language they did before.  In short, Maafa 21 argues convincingly that the eugenicist agenda- which was directly aimed at American blacks- continues still under the auspices of Planned Parenthood.

The racist elitists are still carrying out their agenda, they just don’t talk about it any more.  Or, if they do, they use new terms and phrases.

I could go on and on recounting the facts but Maafa 21 had two hours to do so and I have just this brief blog entry.  One thing I’d like to do is issue the same call that the documentary does… to the black community… and anyone else who continues to support the ‘pro-choice’ position.  After you are done watching Maafa 21 you will understand that you are being played like a fiddle.  The black community, being explicitly targeted by higher numbers of ‘family planning clinics’ in their midst, needs to understand this and begin doing something about it.

The only thing I found that I disagreed with in this documentary was the statement that came near the end of the documentary that if it had not been for slavery in America, there would have been no eugenics, and no Planned Parenthood (and by this reasoning, perhaps not even a Holocaust).  I don’t dispute that the form in which eugenics appeared was strongly influenced by the bigotry of the white elite (Democrat and Republican, as demonstrated in this documentary, which names names) but I am convinced that it was the inevitable consequence of Darwinian thinking, in particular because of the Malthusian roots of Darwin’s thoughts.

Malthus predated the freeing of the slaves in America.

And Malthusian thinking is still present.  This evil is still here, it only changes its shape and its names as circumstances require.  Decades ago, it was safe for people to posit forced sterilizations and abortions in the name of ‘population control’ but just because it is bad PR to do so today doesn’t mean it has gone away, as I discuss in this Worldnetdaily.com articleNone other than Barack Obama’s science czar… right now, right here in 2009, right in this current administrationJohn Holdren is on record suggesting that population control may require the Government to step in and force women to get abortions and sterilize the population (eg, by putting drugs in the water supply), and forcing people to get permission to have children.

So you see, this evil has not gone away.  It is with us, even in high places.  I strongly suggest that every church in America and every pastor get ahold of this documentary and show it to their congregations.  Several times.

Even then, don’t consider your work done.  The hellish tentacles encircling this country and globe are all over the place and once you begin to learn this information you will find that your journey is just beginning.  I can think of no better place to start that journey than with Life Dynamics’s Maafa 21.


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