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Support Sntjohnny/Athanatos Ministries with your NON-tax-exempt Donation

Every June, we run a donor drive.  In getting this year’s ready, I noted that my typical proviso that ACM is not tax-exempt had more significance than in previous years.

Over the last few weeks we have been regaled with case after case of conservative, Christian, anti-Obama, anti-Obama agenda organizations that have been targeted by the IRS.  Quite coincidentally, this began before the 2012 election.  This suppression has been public knowledge for several years, but the mainstream media, quite coincidentally, didn’t think it worth reporting on.  Nonetheless, despite the fact that it was all completely unintentional, there probably was an impact on the 2012 presidential election.

Some would say, “Good!”  I say, “Perhaps it is not wise for Christians to accept tax advantages in exchange for being silent on extremely important issues.”  At least, that has been my approach since I founded Athanatos Christian Ministries in 2008.  I have since had a fair bit to say about the impact of taxes on personal and religious freedom, and if you will forgive me for saying so, I’m feeling a bit vindicated right about now.

Here is a 2009 article I wrote urging Christians to consider abandoning their tax exempt status, and in this article, I challenge Christians to work out a ‘theology of taxation.’  For more on the topic, use the blog’s search feature, or here are all my posts tagged with ‘taxation.’  And don’t get me started on how right I was in regards to the US government’s obscene overreach into our electronic lives.

So, ACM is poised for some big changes.   There is a good possibility that it will be moving to a physical location, as opposed to primarily a virtual location.  (We previously had an office;  this is more than that.) We’ll have some chances to expand our media and arts ministry to movies and film.  We will continued to speak unshackled, unfettered, unmuzzled, on so-called ‘political’ issues such as abortion on demand.

If you want ACM to continue to grow and thrive, I would encourage you to support ACM with your financial resources.  Don’t wait, thinking that someone else is supporting it.  In order for ACM to go to the next stage, it needs some of its many supporters to translate their support into cash.  As ACM more and more becomes something that actually supports the executive director’s family (ie, me), financial support takes on a more urgent role, and if the base of support is not wide enough to support this important task, then hard but necessary economic decisions would need to be made.

But know this:  whatever ACM does, you can be sure that it will do it with abandon, on principle, with clear-headed thinking, and unmuzzled.

Here is the link to ACM’s June donor drive page with a summary of our upcoming endeavors, if you just want to skip to the donation part, you can click here.


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