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Support this ministry: give a book, give a buck

ACM is the umbrella organization under which Sntjohnny.com operates.  It is a Christian apologetics ministry that focuses on defending the faith through the arts and literature in addition to ‘standard’ apologetics approaches. On account of this, ACM does a fair bit of publishing, including the recent release of Shirley Tucker’s award winning Diamonds in the Dust. Right now, we’ve got a fair bit of stock on our shelves of our various titles and we’re looking to send these books to good homes.

Christmas is coming up, right? You’re going to be giving out gifts anyway, right? Then give folks a book! ACM has all kinds of books; surely something in our catalog would be appropriate for nearly everyone on your list this year! And by giving a book that you buy through ACM, you’ll be giving this ministry a buck or two. Get it? Giving a book to friends and family is giving a buck to ACM. Give a book, give a buck. 🙂

For more information (like coupon codes you can use when ordering), go here.

The product catalog is here.


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