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The Abortion Issue Now that Obama has Won

Any reader of my blog knows that I am a ‘one issue’ voter with abortion being that one issue.  A reader of my blog also knows that even though I see the overturning of Roe vs. Wade as the most significant event to bring about because of the sheer impact, I believe the ultimate solution is at a much smaller level.  For just one example of my thoughts, you can read my post “Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement if Obama Wins

Otherwise the ‘abortion’ category to the left will keep you reading for awhile.

I had just a few other thoughts to add.

The Obama victory offers us a grand opportunity.  Let’s face it, Obama can make the matter only slightly worse, at least in the near term.  We are all already acclimated to a world in which a million unborn children die each year in America alone.  For so long we pursued legislative means to change this and as legitimate and as important as these efforts were, and are, legislative efforts are successful by persuading more individuals to support your views then there are against them.  This individual persuasion is the area where the ultimate solution lies and the area that has chiefly been lacking.

In what way?  I suggest that it has been lacking because the Christian community who cares about life has found themselves defaulting to an attitude that acts as though merely passing the legislation changes the underlying issue.  For example, look at something like gay marriage- which I’m against, don’t get me wrong- even if we managed to shut down gay marriage left and right with 100% success the root fact is that there are a lot of people engaged in a behavior Christians believe is dangerous and harmful.   It is not enough to make their behavior illegal:  we want them to willingly see it as we believe it is, and change their behavior.  Success on that front will boil up into legislative success.  So too with abortion.

So how?  How do we proceed at this ‘root’ level?  I think it comes down to the Christian church and its stunning emphasis on being right rather than being loving.

Note the ‘rather.’  If the Christian church was both ‘being right’ and ‘being loving’ then there would be no problem.  So what does ‘being loving’ mean?

It doesn’t mean being a panzy or a pacifist, if that’s what you’re afraid of.  It isn’t about being sentimental.  It is about being principled and acting out those principles within certain parameters… that are clearly outlined in the Scriptures.

The Obama presidency gives us the opportunity to have a conversation about this which I don’t think we would have had if McCain had won.  So let’s have it.


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